Tires & Rubber

When it’s time to get new tires, you usually don’t replace just one. That means you almost never have just a single old tire that’s taking up space. You could make a tire swing, but that only takes care of one tire. So what are you supposed to do with the rest?

Full-Service Tire Disposal

Most people just stuff them into a corner of a garage, or just leave them sitting by the trash bins in the hopes that the local garbage collector take them. In most situations, they're not accepted in your regular waste service, which means they won’t even make it out of your yard. Don't let those old tires get in your way or become an environmental hazard!

Responsible Tire Disposal & Disposal

No matter where you live, tires don't go to the dump. If you’ve got used tires to get rid of, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can help you with tire recycling. We pick up all kinds of tires from cars, bikes, trucks, and construction equipment. Call us today!

Sustainable Tire Recycling

Uniformed TOM ready to remove & dispose of your old tires
  • Car & Truck Tires
  • Motorcycle Tires
  • Bicycle Tires
  • Rubber Parts
  • Heavy Duty Tires
  • Competition or Sports Tires
  • All-Season & Touring Tires
  • Passenger Vehicle Tires
  • Assorted Rubber Parts
Uniformed TOM ready to remove & dispose of your old tires

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