How Our Pricing Works

Our pricing system is simple and straightforward. Here’s what you get when you book with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?:

  • Customized no-obligation, in person quotes
    • Since we price based on how much space your junk takes up in our truck, it’s much easier to provide an estimate in person. Our crew will arrive onsite to take a look at your junk and provide an exact price.
  • All-inclusive pricing
    • Junk removal prices vary from city to city due to disposal fees, gas prices, and other regional variables. Your price quote is based on where you live, and includes all of these factors. There are no surprises or hidden fees added on after—the price we give you at the start is what you’ll pay when we’re done.
  • Full service junk removal
    • We’ll remove items from wherever they are located (even from the yard or basement), load them into our truck, and sweep up the area before we leave.
    • We can take anything non-hazardous that two people can lift.
  • Fair pricing, based on truck volume
    • If you only have one item to pick up, we do offer single item pricing. But for most loads, we price by truck volume - from 1/8th of a truck load all the way to a full truck load.
    • Not sure how much junk fits into a truck? Watch our Truck Loading video below to see for yourself. And remember, when in doubt, our truck teams always round down in your favor.
  • Quick and easy onsite payment
    • We accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard at all locations. Some of our locations also accept Amex, Discover, debit, checks, and Paypal transfers. Tips are not required but always appreciated!

Schedule a No-Obligation, In-Person Price Quote