Junk removal for your home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more.
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    What We Do
    What We Do

    Junk Removal Phoenixville Can Trust!

    Junk is how a molehill turns into a mountain. It could be a bit of extra scrap metal from an old construction project – no one remembers to take it, so it just sits on the site, day after day, week after week. Or perhaps you're a property manager trying to clean up after a tenant left all of the furniture and junk behind. At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we've heard every junk removal story you can imagine, so show us what we're up against! Don't waste a weekend of your life carrying junk out to a rented dumpster, give us a call and we'll come and take it. Phoenixville, we're in your neighborhood, and we're ready to collect any kind of scrap metal or junk you have lying around.

    Scrap Metal Disposal & Junk Removal Services

    If our two man team can carry it, we can take it. Over the years, we've been part of almost any type of junk removal process you can name. This includes:

    discarded mattresses
    abandon furniture
    scrap metal from construction projects
    other construction waste
    yard waste
    left over auto parts
    and any other kind of junk you can imagine

    When you call us, we show up in our uniforms and our truck with its fancy logo, and we deal with your junk problem. It's pretty simple – just point and junk disappears!

    Affordable Pricing

    One of the reasons we've become the world's largest junk removal company is that we treat people how they deserve to be treated – fairly. When you hire us for your junk removal job, you're not paying based on the amount of time it takes – you're paying based on the volume of junk. We'll never try and upsell you into purchasing a service you don't need, either. It's these customer-friendly practices that have kept us in business since 1989, and it's our great prices that ensure people keep coming back when they have a junk problem they need sorted out.

    Our Eco-Friendly Program

    1-800-GOT-JUNK? is an environmentally friendly company. When we take your unwanted possessions, we're not just disposing of them without thinking. Instead, we'll take the time to sort through them – at no extra cost to you. If we find scrap metal, or anything else we can recycle, we'll ensure that it ends up in the right place. Sometimes we find electronics or furniture that is still in good shape – in which case we'll donate it to an organization in need. All of our employees our educated in various waste disposal options, so they know not to send something to the landfill that doesn't belong there. We recycled before it was cool – and we'll keep doing it now that it's popular!

    Residential & Commercial Junk Removal

    Junk can accumulate over night in Phoenixville – particularly if you've got a large project. Home remodelers may soon find their kitchen renovation has turned their backyard into a scrap heap. Construction companies are already working twelve hours day, they don't have the time to deal with disposal. And retail stores just can't find a use for those extra metal shelves. At 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we've solved all of these problems with our efficient waste disposal process. We'll work with you regardless of whether you're a business or a home owner. Just point and junk disappears!

    You Need 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

    As soon as you call us, we'll arrange for a friendly, uniformed two man crew to come and take a look at whatever junk you might have. They'll greet you with a handshake and give you an estimate of how affordable it will be to get rid of your junk – remember, you only pay for the space your junk takes up in our truck.

    There's no need to suffer mountains of junk. Give us a call, and we'll take care of your junk problem in Phoenixville – whether we're removing junk or recycling scrap metal, we're ready to help. Goodbye, Junk. Hello, Relief.

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