Massapequa Tire Removal & Recycling

Old tires are great, when there's only one of them. After you've set up a tire swing in the backyard, however, the rest of them are not so nice to have around. Old tires do more than uselessly take up space you could be using for literally anything else, they leach toxic gas and create a hazard wherever they're left to rot. That's why most landfills won't accept old tires as trash, which creates a bit of an issue for Massapequa residents and auto shops that have the things piling up with no hope of curbside collection. Most of the time, you can't even rent a dumpster to get rid of them, since most dumpster rental companies don't want to see them any more than your local landfill does.

Why are Old Tires So Bad to Have Around?

To be clear: that old tire swing your kids are playing on is probably perfectly safe. As long as crumbling rubber walls haven't exposed steel belts that can poke and cut, you're fine. Buried underground, however, old tires slowly decompose; not fast enough to be welcome in a standard landfill, of course, but gradually. As the vulcanized rubber breaks down, it releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that's best not to breathe too much of. It's even flammable, which is not a good match for your garage or backyard.

Making matters worse, the rubber in standard vehicle tires has been altered by chemical and heat-tempered hardening (vulcanization), which has made them resistant to normal latex recycling methods. For all these reasons and more, old tires can be one of the most difficult items to get off your property when you have no further use for them.

We Recycled Before it Was Cool!

That's where 1-800-GOT-JUNK? comes to the rescue. We have the resources of a national brand and the local presence to know your local laws and rules for safely disposing of old tires. This combination of big-and-national with small-and-local has made it possible for us to set up (or get access to) specialized recycling facilities in most of the communities we operate in, including Massapequa, Great Neck, Little Neck, and all the other bedroom communities on the Island.

Contact Us Today!

When you call us to handle your tire problem, whether you're a residential customer who changed his own tires and now has a stack of useless rubber in the garage, or you run a tire shop and the city is breathing down your neck about the mosquitoes people have seen breeding in little pools of water your old tires have trapped behind your lot, we have a fix for you. We send a crew around to your place at a time of your choosing. The crew has a truck with them -- how big depends on how many tires you've told us to expect -- and they immediately set to work hauling the tires off of your property and out of your life forever. If you're a business customer, and you have the kind of shop that tends to accumulate tires, you can book a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? crew to make regular visits and solve your Massapequa tire removal and recycling problems for good.