Junk removal for your home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more.
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    What We Do
    What We Do

    Sandy Springs’ Same-Day Junk Removal

    Get same-day junk removal in Sandy Springs when you book early with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?.

    Having a lot of junk around isn't what anyone wants in their home. However, it can be hard to get rid of it all. From carrying it out to dragging it to the curb, it can be hard to get rid of anything large and bulky. It can be even harder when you have a lot to get rid of. And if the items can't be hauled away by the government garbage pick up, you may struggle to remove it on your own.

    When you get Sandy Springs junk removal from 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Atlanta N.W., you won't have any of these problems. You don't have to carry your junk at all. There's no need to lug it out of your home or try to fit it into your vehicle. When you book with us, all you have to do is point.

    Full-service junk pick up and hauling

    1. Schedule your appointment online or by calling 1-800-468-5865.
    2. Our truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment window to let you know what time we’ll arrive.
    3. We'll take a look at the items you want to be removed and give you an all-inclusive price.
    4. We'll remove your items, sweep up the area, and collect payment once we’re done.


    Making junk removal easy

    We want you to be able to reclaim your space quickly, and with ease. Can you imagine a clutter-free space in your garage? Can you picture the free counter space from getting rid of your unused appliance? These are the things we've helped customers across Sandy Springs achieve for the last several years.

    Not only do we take your junk away, but we dispose of it properly and responsibly. When items can be recycled, we take them to local recycling facilities. When usable items can be donated, we donate them to local charities.

    All of this is done at no added cost to you. You can rest easy knowing that everything, even items such as electronics, are disposed of responsibly. We're committed to raising our level of environmental responsibility every year.

    What we take

    Discover the best in junk removal

    At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we are happy to help with even very large and heavy objects. Whether it's old furniture, appliances, tires, or other items that are hard to get rid of, we'll make it easy. Book online today to make your no-obligation appointment with our junk-hauling professionals.

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