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    What We Do
    What We Do

    Locust Grove's Junk Removal Made Simple

    If you're taking on a big project, then you may assume that a dumpster rental is the best option for taking care of any waste that is generated. However, dumpster rentals are far from convenient.

    Oftentimes, you are required to rent a dumpster for a certain length of time, regardless of how it coincides with your schedule or timeline. Additionally, you will waste a surprising amount of time and effort carting items to the dumpster, cutting down on your productivity. Finally, not everything can be disposed of in a dumpster, so if you need to throw out yard waste, old appliances, electronics or auto parts, you'll need to find another solution.

    Locust Grove's Best Dumpster Rental Alternative

    Clearly, renting a dumpster has some downsides that make it a less than ideal situation for many renovation, construction, and cleaning jobs. That's where we come in. We provide a simple junk removal solution to make it easier than ever to get rid of your unwanted items.

    At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we are the world's largest junk removal service, and we've been helping people just like you get rid of unwanted items since 1989. Our junk removal specialists are friendly and professional, and they arrive in uniform and on time for every job. We maintain a fleet of clean, spacious trucks for hauling away your junk, and our simple pricing plan takes the guesswork out of your junk removal service.

    If you're paying for a dumpster rental, then you probably assume that you'll be able to toss all of your junk in, regardless of what it is. Unfortunately, too many homeowners and business owners discover that this is not the case. The waste management company prohibits the disposal of a variety of items in the dumpster, including some types of light bulbs, batteries, electronics, appliances and yard waste, just to name a few. At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we take it all, including the items that you can't place in the dumpster. Items that we commonly take include:

    Yard waste
    Working and non-working kitchen appliances
    Construction and renovation debris
    Beds, mattresses, and mattress foundations
    Living room and dining room furniture
    Books and toys
    Kitchen and bathroom fixtures
    Office furniture and equipment
    Paper clutter
    Light bulbs

    Here for Local Business Owners

    At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we don't just provide awesome service and convenience to local homeowners; our services are scalable, letting us serve local property managers and business owners as well. Our junk removal experts arrive on time and work quickly to ensure as little disruption to your day as possible, so you can get back to work. Just let us know how much junk needs to go, and we'll work out the rest.

    How Our Pricing Plan Works

    At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we have a simple pricing plan that is based on volume, or how much space your unwanted items take up in our truck. Once we've taken a look at how much junk needs to go, we'll provide you a customized, all-inclusive price quote with no obligation to you. We accept payment by cash, Visa and Mastercard at the time of service; ask your junk removal expert about payment via Paypal transfer, check, American Express, Discover or debit.

    Just Point, and Junk Disappears

    Instead of renting a dumpster and taking on all the hassles and inconveniences that go with it, give out Locust Grove junk removal experts a call. We save you time and effort by gathering, sorting, loading and disposing of all of your junk and unwanted items, leaving you plenty of time and energy to actually take care of your project. Give 1-800-GOT-JUNK? a call or access our online booking tool to set up a two-hour service window that will fit your busy schedule. We're ready to take on your junk removal challenge, no matter how big or small it is, so get in touch with us today.

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