Junk removal for your home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more.
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    What We Do
    What We Do

    Pawleys Island Best  Junk Removal Company

    1-800-GOT-JUNK? is in your neighborhood and ready to help you with all of your junk removal needs. No more worrying about missing trash day or having to haul your stuff to the junkyard, now that we're here and waiting for your call.

    We take all of the hard work out of getting rid of your old junk and when you call on our services, you can be sure that you're getting a cheaper, more efficient service than when you rent a dumpster.

    Now We're Here, You Shouldn't Rent a Dumpster

    Dumpsters are hard work. Sure you can get rid of things at your own pace but you have to do all of the hard work yourself. All that carrying and lifting, often things that are old, dirty, or damaged, can put you at risk of an injury. When you call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? you don't have to lift a finger, simply point and the junk disappears. Our team members are strong and have experience hauling away virtually anything you can think of. You name it, we've done it, and that's why we're here today, to help you overcome your junk removal problems.

    Another thing to remember is when you rent a dumpster you may need a permit to keep it outside of your home - even more stress that you could do without! When you use our services, we arrive in our immaculate truck and are gone as soon as possible. No rusty old dumpster outside your home for weeks, and no bad back from all that heavy lifting.

    Pawleys Island's Number One Choice

    We are a full-service junk removal company and have been impressing our customers all around the world with our junk removal service since 1989. We've grown to be the biggest and best junk removal company in the world by doing everything we can to put a smile on our customer's faces.

    The true 1-800-GOT-JUNK? experience begins on the day of your collection. We will call you to let you know when exactly we will arrive at your home or business premises (that's right, it's not just domestic waste that we haul away). Once we have arrived you simply guide us to where the junk is and we'll do the rest! You don't need to worry about hauling the junk out to your front yard or even to the front of your home, as once we have your permission we will take it away from wherever it's been stored. The best part about our service? After we have hauled your junk out to our truck we'll even sweep up after ourselves, leaving you with a clean and tidy space!

    We Take Almost Anything

    We pride ourselves on our honesty and upfront policies, that's why you never pay more than you're quoted. We charge you based on the space that your junk takes up in our truck and NOT by the weight, as is common when you rent a dumpster. What's not to love? A cheaper, more efficient alternative to dumpster rental that completely eliminates the hard work that is associated with getting rid of your old junk.

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    If you are in need of junk removal in the Pawleys island area, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? today, or visit us online, to find out more about what we can do for you.

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