Junk removal for your home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more.
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    What We Do
    What We Do

    Beloeil Full Service Junk Removal

    1-800-GOT-JUNK Monteregie  provides junk removal in the beautiful city of Beloeil and McMasterville. We are a full service junk removal company. We do all the lifting and loading, so just point to where the junk is located and we will do all of the work. We take almost everything – from appliances to old mattresses and we even take old computers, electronics and construction debris. Even better, we make our best effort to recycle and donate more than 80% of your goods.
    During the difficult and sensitive time where you are in need of an Estate Cleanout, will we be patient, respectful. We will also make every effort to donate your goods to the Salvation Army, or other charitable organizations. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the world’s largest and most trusted junk removal company and we have been providing high quality removal since 1989.

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