Peace of mind knowing where your items go

A lot of the junk we pick up isn’t really junk. We focus on sustainability by finding ways to give items a new life. We call it the repurposing journey. That’s another way of saying we recycle the recyclables and donate the donatables. We work with local non-profit organizations, community centers, and donation centers to pass on items in good condition and then recycle everything that can be recycled.

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 Recycling helps to conserve natural resources—we carefully sort items so they can be processed properly.


We save you time by collecting, sorting, and making sure every item ends up in the right place.


Donating means that some of the items we pick up get to be used and loved by someone new.


Each region is different, so be sure to ask the Truck Team Members to find out exactly where your junk will go.


What happens to all the junk we collect?

Wondering what happens to the junk after we haul it away? Check out the video to learn more about our commitment to sustainable junk removal through our repurposing journey. You’ll see how we make sure as many items as possible get recycled or donated.

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Items are sorted and prepared for
sustainable disposal


We recycle the recyclables

What we do:

  • Commonly recycled items: wood from 
    furniture, metal from appliances, cardboard packaging
  • Some items go to waste-to-energy facilities
  • We also leverage transfer stations

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We donate the donatables

  • Partnerships with local non-profits
  • Work directly with community groups
  • Host yard/warehouse/garage sales for charity

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Our commitment

We are committed to sustainable junk removal through our recycling and donation efforts. 

We have recycled more than any other junk removal company—we’re proud to say we’re an industry leader in landfill diversion. If it can be recycled or donated, we make it happen. 

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