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Label maker saying Old School Junk submitted by Wendy

Our top 7 totally rad old school weird junk items

Whether you’re still in school or graduated years ago, check out our top old school junk items submissions from our online community!

Students picking up litter and recycling plastic water bottles

18 recycling tips for college students

Want to make your college more eco-friendly? With these tips you’ll be able to reduce your environmental footprint and keep your campus green!

Student studying a plant with a magnifying glass

How to create a homeschool classroom

If you’re looking for homeschool classroom inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Checkout our six tips for achieving a dream homeschool space.

Women in a house putting books in a box

4 areas your child should declutter before heading off to college

The average university and college dorm room is about 12 feet by 19 feet. Here's how to declutter so you can you fit everything you need in your room.

Shoe rack with shoes and bag on door

11 space saving dorm room organization tips

Dorm life can be pretty amazing, but living in such a small space can also be a challenge. Here's how to keep your dorm room cool and clutter-free.

Women writing on moving boxes in dorm room

3 eco friendly ways to clean out your college dorm

When the school year is over, it's time to clear out your dorm room and head back home for the summer. Here's how to make your move easier than ever.

Family decluttering play room for back to school cleaning

5 tips for successful back to school cleaning

When the kids head back to school, it's the perfect time to reduce clutter. Here's how to declutter to ensure a smooth start to the school year.

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