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Dealing with renovations? Tips on how to stay organized during the process.

Saudah Saleem sitting on a couch

11 ‌easy‌ ‌interior design tips to create your‌ ‌dream space

Do you want to create your own dream space? Keep reading for Interior Designer Saudah Saleem’s top home design tips and tricks!  (READ MORE)Modern living room with white furniture and wood accents

Our favorite home makeover show transformations

Are you ready to create your dream space? Check out our favorite TV transformations for some inspiration!  (READ MORE)Student studying a plant with a magnifying glass

How to create a homeschool classroom

If you’re looking for homeschool classroom inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Checkout our six tips for achieving a dream homeschool space.  (READ MORE)White closet office space with doors

7 insanely brilliant home remodeling ideas

Looking for ways to repurpose unused spaces in your home? Check out our 7 home remodeling ideas to get inspired.  (READ MORE)1-800-GOT-JUNK? crew standing beside woman pointing at junk removal

The eco friendly way to deal with construction waste disposal

Wondering what to do with all the debris left over from your home renovations? Here's how to deal with it the green way. (READ MORE)