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5 tips for successful back to school cleaning

Family decluttering play room for back to school cleaning

Are your kids actually using all their toys? Back-to-school calls for seamless mornings with minimal tantrums and tears, that don’t involve stepping on those tiny Lego blocks.

Back to school organization is within reach!

Follow our top five tips to declutter and clean your home as your kids head back to school.

1. Timing is everything

It’s easiest to declutter while your child is not there, as seeing the toy may make it harder for your child to let it go. However, be cautious with what you toss and respect your child’s feelings. If they haven’t used something in a year, you’ll know because it’s shoved at the back of their drawer or closet. It may be best to sit down together and spend time going through items. If anything is in good enough condition to donate, hopefully the idea that seldom-used toys may better the life of another child will appeal to yours.

2. Lose the neglected stuff

It’s easy for things to pile up and go unnoticed. Balls, gloves, pails and shovels, all manner of toys that were acquired with the vision of frolicking in the summer sun may have never seen the light of day. Pass them along to another child that really does want to learn a new sport. There are lots of resale shops for sports equipment, and a yard sale or the good ol’ donation bin can also do the trick.

3. Seasonal clothing

Swapping out clothing is a no-brainer as cooler weather sets in. Unless you plan on taking an extended tropical vacation soon (if you do, lucky you!), the shorts and tees can be stored away for next year, passed on to a younger sibling or dropped off with the unused toys. Don’t forget to go through the sandals and bathing suits!

4. Don’t forget the rugs, linens and curtains

Does the room need a quick pick-me-up? Switching out rugs, linens and curtains is an easy way to freshen up the space.

5. Assess the situation

Is the furniture still serving the right purpose in your child’s room? Are those little bins and bookshelves becoming too small for your older child’s toys? Does your child spend time in their room listening to music, using their computer, and doing homework? There may be furniture that could be repurposed or swapped out for something more age-appropriate. Observe your child over the next couple of weeks to see how useful their room is to them.

Taking these simple steps will have your family ready to tackle a new school year, clutter-free!


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