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New season Space Invaders Angie Kent Peter Walsh Cherie Barber

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is back on TV screens, helping to tackle big home makeovers with the help of declutter guru Peter Walsh, renovation expert Cherie Barber, and treasure hunter Angie Kent for series 4 of Space Invaders! Throughout the series, 10 families have their homes and lives transformed as they shed the clutter, and step into their newly renovated spaces. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchises based in Australia take on the tough job of removing unwanted items and renovation debris left behind after massive home transformations.

From construction debris like drywall, tile, concrete, gravel, and wood, our teams are eager to help clear it away (on and off air), and make an effort to recycle and donate whenever possible. Follow along as we recap each Space Invaders series 4 episode, and discover how 1-800-GOT-JUNK? makes a big impact helping families reclaim their spaces.

Renovate to elevate

Each episode this series focuses on a different family, each struggling with physical and emotional clutter. Along with the Space Invaders team, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Australia helps to uplift the families while making the space needed to elevate their homes.

1. Jo & Efrem

Jo, Efrem, and their two children are a tight-knit family. After a sudden accident leaves Jo with a shattered kneecap, leading to multiple surgeries, she becomes unable to work. Stepping away from her event staging business leads to an overflow of supplies being stored in the family’s home. Most notably in musician Efrem’s music room, and the garage. The garage becomes dysfunctional, and Efrem’s music room is entirely taken over by clutter. The family doesn’t know where to start, and calls on the Space Invaders team for help.

Declutter expert, Peter, explains that the team will get to work, removing every item from the music room and garage so that it may all be sorted. Only items that Jo and Efrem love, need and use are welcome back into the home. Once at the sorting facility, Jo and Efrem open their eyes to 36 banquet tables containing all of their stuff. Peter shockingly reveals that among the items are 1200 candles, nearly 200 pillows and cushions, crafting supplies, music equipment, and more. The contents fit into a staggering 396 bins and boxes. As they begin sorting, Jo refuses to let anything go. Peter helps her to understand that while her work relied on accumulating things, the family is now drowning in it. He offers Jo three months of storage for some of the high-value items so that she may resell them, and recoup some money. At the end of the three months, any remaining items will be donated.

Back at the house, Angie works with Efrem to restore a sentimental chess table, while Cherie works with a team of tradies to frame walls, build new cabinets, salvage a workbench, and add carpet tiles to the garage floor. Renovation and construction materials are hauled off by the friendly 1-800-GOT-JUNK? team, giving way to fresh, new, open spaces.

With the transformation complete, there is an 89% reduction in clutter. The value of the items being donated is $16,000, which are taken to a local charity store. The once jam-packed garage transforms into a bright and organized shared workspace: a beautifully lit artist studio for Jo, and ample storage for Efrem’s tools and music equipment–making loading and unloading from gigs effortless. In the house, the music room is no longer overrun by clutter. The space is bright and cheery, and functions as a home office and music room for jam sessions The newly restored chess table that Angie and Efrem worked on together is proudly displayed. Both the garage and music room highlight design, detail, and functionality. As the family finally lets go of clutter, they begin to heal and embrace making space for open communication and creativity. 

Space Invaders S4E1 before and after

2. Ben, Carla & Christine

Ben lives with his mother, Christine. While they live a quiet life, Ben’s popular drag queen alter ego, Carla from Bankstown, comes with a larger-than-life presence that spills over into the family home. Carla’s collection of wigs, shoes, outfits, and makeup, which was previously contained in Ben’s bedroom, now takes over the rest of the living space. The mess gets so bad that Christine confesses she feels trapped and overwhelmed in her own home. She and Ben are embarrassed to have friends and family over, and they are no longer able host game nights or dinner parties.

The Space Invaders team gets to work helping the duo, so desperately in need of change.

Angie decides to work on a solution to showcase and preserve Carla’s wig collection. She reveals that Carla has over 90 wigs– many of which are neglected. Being able to put Carla’s iconic style on display will be the perfect way to honor it, while keeping things organized.

Cherie and her team face a big challenge. Since the home that Ben and Christine share is a rental, structural changes are off limits. In order to provide separate spaces for Ben and Carla, Cherie gets creative in creating faux walls and floating partitions giving Carla her own private dressing room. Ben’s room on the other hand gets a much needed refresh, and a former dumping ground for clothes and drag accessories returns to its intended function as a dining room. The 1-800-GOT-JUNK? team is called to take away construction materials, making way for big, much-needed change.

With the transformation underway at home, all items from the space go to a warehouse for sorting. Ben and Christine confront their clutter problem head on when they learn that they must sort through 170 pairs of shoes (including over 35 pairs of Crocs), more than 3000 items of clothing, and over 1300 DVDs among other things. Peter identifies that Ben uses humor to deflect from confronting his feelings and issues, which he likens to a form of emotional clutter. After getting to the root of the problem, Ben and Christine manage to get 210 boxes and bins of personal belongings down to only 44: an impressive 80% reduction in clutter.

Ben and Christine return home, and the rental renovation is revealed. The new dining room is a perfect space for gathering with family and friends. Complete with extra storage, new curtains, and a polished look, the focus of this redesign is on family time. Ben’s once dark, cluttered bedroom is now bright and tidy. He gets emotional as he soaks in the changes. Finally, Carla’s new vibrant dressing room leaves her speechless as she explores her newly organized space.

Ben and Christine learn to better-communicate, and to set limits, saying goodbye to mountains of clutter. They make room for Carla to shine, and with more room to breathe, they find happiness with themselves and each other.

Before and after image dining room

3. Karisha & Simon

Karisha and Simon are the proud parents to six kids, and live a hectic life. Clutter takes over the home, leaving the family nowhere to spend time together. Dance costumes are scattered everywhere, and never-ending laundry piles up all over the place. Karisha and Simon’s relationship is suffering, too. The way money is spent is a source of conflict between the pair. It is revealed that Karisha spends in excess, often re-buying items that cannot be found when they become lost in the clutter. The family is at a crisis point, and needs help reclaiming their house.

The spaces that need the most attention in the home are the lounge room, the laundry room, the childrens’ dance studio, and Simon & Karisha’s bedroom. The Space Invaders team shares that they will attempt to bring the family back together through revamping shared spaces, and implement systems to encourage order and organization.

The family’s belongings go to a warehouse for sorting. There are a staggering 294 boxes in total, which include 280 pairs of shoes, 50 laundry baskets, 4000 items of clothing, toys, books, furniture, and mismatched socks. Once the sorting begins, Peter stresses the importance of committing to the one-in, one-out rule in order to form new habits. He even gets the children involved in the sorting, as staying on top of clutter is a team effort. Setting up systems that everyone in the home can easily follow will help keep things organized. The family is able to reduce their belongings by 85%, down to only 45 boxes. They donate 3000 items of clothing and other items, with a cash equivalent of $18,500.

Back at the home, Angie, Cherie, and a team of experts transform the rooms. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is on hand to remove heavy job-site debris, clearing away all unwanted renovation materials in order to make way for the massive transformations. Karisha and Simon return as the Space Invaders team reveals their bright, uncluttered bedroom. The space is now a parents’ retreat with new lighting, modern wall panels, and fresh carpet. The once hard-to-use laundry room is now free of clothes and shoes, boasting plenty of bench space and organization solutions. The drab dance room is now a fun space where the kids will want to get creative, and burn off energy. The family’s newly designed lounge room has loads of personality, and a reconfigured layout. Storage has been added, new cladding is secured to the walls, and a new TV is mounted for family movie nights.

The changes in this living space allow the family the opportunity to make room for each other, and to create wonderful new memories together.

Space Invaders series 4 ep 3 before and after

4. Sandra & Denise

Sandra lives alone in the house she shared with her late husband, Ron. Since his passing, Sandra feels lonely and struggles to deal with her loss. With nearly no trace of Sandra in a house full of Ron’s things, Sandra’s daughter, Denise, reaches out to the Space Invaders team to help her mom reclaim her space and express herself.

The home is dated, dark, and cold. There are three rooms in the home that are especially cluttered and in need of new life. With no comfortable seating, the crowded living room lacks functionality, and is packed with hundreds of table tennis trophies belonging to Sandra and Ron. The spare room is full of DVDs, VCRs, and more of Ron’s belongings. The bar/TV room is adorned with frogs, and while it is a space that Sandra spends a lot of time in, it is uncomfortable and cluttered. Sandra is in desperate need of a space that makes it feel like she belongs.

Items from the home go to a warehouse for sorting. With 238 trophies, 77 frogs, and various home decor items making up 123 boxes, Sandra faces the difficult task of deciding which items of Ron’s to keep to remember him by, and which to discard so that she can decide who she is without him. Sandra finds ease and relief in parting with Ron’s things. While the pair shared good memories, there are bad memories that she decides she is ready to let go of. Rather than allowing her emotions and clutter to remain stuck, Sandra takes charge. She is able to reduce the clutter by 83%.

At the house, the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? team takes on the heavy lifting and hauls off the renovation debris, making it look effortless. Once cleared out, Cherie adds cladding to the walls as a way to mask stubborn wallpaper. She then installs a ceiling fan with bright lighting, removes the bar, relocates the TV to the living room, and lays down some new carpet. She also uses paint and artwork to add cheery pastel colors to the space to better-suit Sandra’s style. Angie further personalizes the space, giving old photographs and special trophies pride of place in the home. With the house transformed, it no longer feels oppressive or dark. The living room is cozy, boasts plenty of storage and seating, and fits the color scheme Sandra says she always wanted. The bar room is turned into a functional dining space, and Sandra envisions hosting Christmas dinner in her newly remodeled space. The spare room is outfitted as a sewing room with space for her granddaughters to do arts and crafts.

Sandra’s new space provides her with new clarity. She is able to get rid of clutter that doesn’t even belong to her, and takes a big step into her new future.

Space Invaders S4E4 before and after

5. Kylie & Paul

Kylie and Paul live in a large house with their six year old daughter, Aysha. Kylie’s mother lived with them before she passed away, leaving behind a big clutter problem. Even though the home is not short on space, clutter forces the family into one room of the house for dining, homework, and spending time together. With their relationship struggling, Kylie and Paul are desperate to clear out to noise, and get their house back in order.

Thousands of things are taken out of the home, and brought to a warehouse for sorting. Peter calls in The Block’s Rachel Carr as reinforcement to help tackle the 512 boxes of stuff that came out of home. Kylie struggles with letting go of her mother’s things, and even her six year old daughter, Aysha, is showing signs that parting with stuff is difficult for her, too. Kylie’s difficulties with indecision and self-doubt affect her ability to let go of what is no longer serving her. Peter works at making Kylie feel uplifted so that she may fully embrace the decluttering process. Eventually, Paul and Kylie manage to reduce their belongings by 91%, with only 49 boxes returning to the home.

At the house, Angie finds heirloom rings amongst the clutter. Cherie and team take on seven rooms: the primary bedroom, lounge, kitchen, dining room, living room, a storage room turned sewing /craft room, and kid’s playroom (formerly Kylie’s mom’s room). 1-800-GOT-JUNK? clears away all that is no longer needed, which includes cardboard and other recyclable materials. The team explains that they will take everything back to the depot to separate the materials and keep as much out of landfill as possible.

Kylie and Paul return home to see their new space. The once bland lounge room is now a well laid out space with comfortable couches and modern furniture. The kitchen has been tidied, and is full of smart storage solutions. The living and dining rooms feature updated lighting, new furniture, and fresh paint–ideal for a future full of dinner parties and friends. Kylie’s mom’s old bedroom is transformed into Aysha’s playroom, giving her lots of room to grow. A room that was being used as storage, is transformed into a practical sewing room. Kylie and Paul’s bedroom is now the ultimate parents’ retreat, with the look and feel of a boutique hotel.

The family is finally able to let go of their physical cutter and emotional baggage. Putting the past behind them, Paul and Kylie are free to charge confidently into the future. 

Space Invaders S4E5 before and after

6. Kathy, Ella & Ruby

Kathy is a full time nurse and single mother to daughters Ella and Ruby. While Ruby now lives on her own, Ella still lives in the family home with Kathy. With her daughters by her side, Kathy desperately wants to free herself from the clutter that takes over her home.

The Space Invaders team immediately gets to work, and moves the possessions from six rooms of Kathy’s home to a warehouse for sorting. When confronted with all of their stuff, Kathy, Ruby, and Ella are shocked by the scope of the job ahead, and feelings of embarrassment start to surface. Peter identifies that when money is tight, people often hold onto things ‘just in case’. But the things Kathy refuses to let go of are not serving her or her family, and it is time to get rid of them. Over 150 bags, more than 120 pairs of shoes, and over 100 plastic food storage containers are amongst the items to go through.Though it takes a while for Kathy to become engaged in the process, she eventually reduces the amount of things going back to the house by 83%.

At the home, Cherie and team work on transforming the lounge room, dining room, spare room, Kathy’s bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Construction and reno debris is hauled off by 1-800-GOT-JUNK? so that the spaces are clear, and the redesign may begin. Angie reframes some of Kathy’s meaningful artwork to feature it more prominently in the home. Kathy wants a home that is relaxing, fun, and social. Once the clutter is gone, the rooms are updated with new flooring, lighting, and furniture to bring her dream to life.

Kathy and her daughters are delighted by the six room home makeover. She now has the tools she needs to let go of items rather than feeling the need to hold on to everything. After a lifetime of caring for others, the process allows Kathy to focus on her own needs, and is finally able to relax and enjoy her home.

Space Invaders S4E6 before and after

7. Tracey & Stuart

Blending two families and all their belongings under one roof proves to be a major challenge for Tracey and Stuart. The family of six lives in a house full of clutter. To make matters worse, there is plenty of emotional clutter too: Tracey still holds onto visual reminders of her ex. The Space Invaders team is called to help bring about a much-needed transformation.

The team starts by clearing out the packed home. The items are brought to the  Space Invaders warehouse and are laid out to be sorted. Among the items are 534 DVDs and 113 plush toys. In all, there are 167 boxes of belongings. Every member of the family takes part in the decluttering exercise. Peter helps Tracey deal with the emotionally-charged clutter that belongs to her ex-partner. Once she is finally able to let go, she makes room for Stuart to feel more at home in their shared house. Eventually, the family is able to decrease their clutter by 71%.

At the home, Angie overhauls an old dining table, painting the legs white, and sanding and restaining the tabletop. She also finds a box of figurines from Tracey's grandmother. Angie wants them to take pride-of-place in the house and puts them on display, while Cherie aims to spruce up the 1930s home. She wants to ensure that Stuart has a proper home office. She plans to update the living room, dining room, hallway, daughters Kendra and Scarlet’s room, and Isla and Avery’s room.

Once the renovations are complete, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? seamlessly removes all the unwanted debris, making way for big changes. The family returns home to a life-changing transformation. The new updates honor the heritage of the house while giving it a refresh, turning the cluttered space into a beautiful family home. Cherie has made a new office alcove for Stuart with a built-in benchtop serving as a functional desk space. There are new bunk beds for Isla and Avery, while Scarlet and Kendra’s room features new beds and added storage. The living and dining rooms are now bright, fresh, and calming. The carpet has been removed, and new flooring is installed.

With lots of family time on the horizon, Tracey, Stuart, and their daughters are eager to enjoy their fresh start and make new memories together.

Space Invaders S4E7 before and after

8. Favorite families special

This episode revisits some of the show’s favorite families from over the years. Two years ago, Steve and Maria appeared on the show. At the time, Maria was fighting off cancer, and Steve was dealing with a debilitating back injury.  Now the couple faces a new crisis and is once again in need of support. It is revealed that while in hospital for treatment, Maria suffered an aneurysm and stroke, and needs support to walk. Maria sleeps in the living room, as the bedroom is cluttered and no longer accessible now that she is reliant on a wheelchair.

The Space Invaders team gets to work removing items from the home. By hanging on to things she thinks she’ll need once she recovers, Maria makes it easy for clutter to pile up. Peter encourages her to find balance and tackle the next battle, and shares that focusing on the now is the best way to let go of unnecessary items. From 45 boxes down to just 13, Steve and Maria see a 72% reduction in clutter.

Peter then visits Luke and David’s place. The couple made their appearance on season three of the show, and continue to embrace their redesigned space. Cherie even inspired them to transform a dark loft that was used for storage, into a welcoming new guestroom. Next, Peter visits Jamie, whose one-bedroom apartment was too cluttered for visitors three years ago. Today, her home is organized, and Jamie avoids making impulse purchases.

Back at Steve and Maria’s house, the transformation is underway. The Space Invaders team enlists the help of Luke and Jamie to help with completing some special DIY projects. Then, to make sure the space is prepped for its new fixtures and decor, the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? team arrives to clear away all the unwanted items and renovation materials.

Steve and Maria return home to see their newly designed space. The lounge is freshly painted with new lighting installed, and the narrow doorway is removed in order to mount the TV on the wall, giving Maria and Steve a great place to relax and unwind. The bedroom is a retreat with a new low-profile bed, organized closet, and cozy feel.

With the help of the Space Invaders team, and some motivated, inspirational alum, Steve and Maria are now ready to enjoy a stress-free sanctuary they can relax in, and be proud of, too. 

Space Invaders S4E8 before and after

9. Garman & Ingrid

Sisters Ingrid and Garman live together with Ingrid’s 14 month old daughter. In their otherwise happy home, there is a source of conflict when it comes to their massive collection of stuff. The whole house is buried in clutter. The home is not child-friendly, and as Ingrid’s young daughter grows and gains mobility, Ingrid fears for her baby’s safety.

The family’s lounge room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and Garman’s bedroom are in need of serious transformation. The spaces are dysfunctional, and cause friction between the sisters, as most of the clutter belongs to Garman. Items from the home are taken to a warehouse for sorting, where Ingrid and Garman are faced with 227 boxes of belongings, including nearly 100 plush toys, 198 board games, books, shoes, and clothes. The decluttering exercise proves to be a struggle for Garman, who believes that by letting go of things, she is letting go of part of herself. Peter encourages her to focus on what she stands to gain: a home, and a healthy space for her niece to grow. By focusing on the important people in her life, rather than the objects that she feels attachment toward, she begins to make progress. Eventually Garman and Ingrid are able to reduce their massive collection of things by 62%, down to 88 boxes.

Back at the home, Cherie has a new ducted heating and cooling system installed throughout the house. The laundry room is remodeled, and fitted with a new sink, workbench, cabinets, and modern wall tiles. Garman’s bedroom features vibrant wallpaper, new storage solutions, and is full of personality. The lounge has a new modern couch, and an upcycled coffee table. The dark, outdated kitchen now features color-coordinated tiles, and stone countertops that give the space a warm look and feel. Eating in the once-crowded dining area was impossible. Now, the space is now opened up with plenty of room to enjoy meals together.

After a difficult declutter, Ingrid and Garman now embrace their clutter free space. The home is warm, inviting, and offers a safer space for a growing baby to play and explore.

Space Invaders S4E9 before and after


10. Christine & Daniel

In the season finale, Christine, Daniel, and their two daughters struggle with their living space after a planned rebuild of their home falls through. Ahead of the demolition, the family hosts a paint party for their daughter Emily’s birthday, and invites friends and family to paint the walls of their living room. Once they discover that the tear down project no longer falls within their budget, they terminate the contract with their builder, and are left living in their small, colorfully painted home. Clutter quickly accumulates, and the Space Invaders team is called to help.

Inside the home, toys are scattered everywhere. The lounge room, dining room, kitchen, backyard, and spare room are a dumping ground for clutter, and the family is desperate to get things organized. They wish to feel joy in their lives, and move away from their feelings of exhaustion and defeat. The first step to addressing their issues is to clear out the items from the house. 147 boxes containing games, toys, games, almost 100 stuffed toys, 423 children’s books, and 100 pairs of shoes are taken to a warehouse for sorting. The couple declutters with Peter’s help, and reduces the amount of items going back into their home by 80%. They feel their marriage strengthening, as Peter helps them to see that the mess in the home is tied to the mess in their relationship.

Cherie works to remodel four rooms, plus the family’s backyard. The renovation debris that is leftover needs to be cleared out. Cherie books quick Junk Removal online by visiting 1800gotjunk.com. The 1-800-GOT-JUNK? team arrives to clear away the unwanted materials, leaving the spaces open and ready for transformation.

Christine and Daniel return home, and walk into their new space. The living room is now a welcoming, well-laid out space, with a dedicated work-from-home area. The room features new flooring, cabinetry, and a proper TV area with lots of seating. Their new kitchen is light, bright, and features new blinds, flooring, and lighting. The dining room is now neat and uncluttered, and can be used for family meal time. The exterior patio is retiled, and the backyard is cleaned up. The once-unusable spare room, and is now a tidy playroom for the girls, keeping their toys out of the living room.

With help from the Space Invaders team, Christine and Daniel feel lighter in their new space. In dealing with both their physical and emotional clutter, they take steps to secure the future of their wonderful family. 

Space Invaders S4E410 before and after

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