Spring cleaning for a fresher and lighter you

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Spring cleaning can extend beyond just tidying up your physical space; it can also be a process to help you feel more rejuvenated. It's an opportunity to welcome the light, fresh feeling of spring into your home and your life.Ready to shed the weight of winter blues? Leave anything heavy to us! There’s no need to lift a finger. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is always happy to help remove any unwanted items to get your space looking and feeling fresh. All you have to do is point! By setting intentions, decluttering your living space, and organizing mindfully, you’ll be feeling a little lighter in no time.

Set your intentions

The first step in spring cleaning for a fresher and lighter you starts with setting clear intentions. Identifying your goals will help keep you on track, and can be a great way to help you stay motivated as you start achieving what’s on your list. Envision how you will make the most of your fresh, new space! Whether you set your intentions by putting pen to paper, or carve our time to take mental note, be sure you are thoughtful in identifying what you are setting out to do. Are you looking to organize a specific room? Declutter your home (or mind)? Refresh or update a drab space? Setting your intentions is a great way to guide your actions, and keep you accountable along the way!

Keep calm

Spring cleaning feels great—after the work is done. It’s a big job, it’s tiring, and it can feel daunting. Even after setting your intentions, you may have feelings of overwhelm, and that’s OK. Be kind to yourself, and take things at your own pace. You may find that a well-timed break between chores helps to give you more motivation in the long run. Instead of trying to race against the clock, give yourself plenty of time for spring cleaning to keep you feeling calm and in control. 


With your spring cleaning goals in mind, an exercise in decluttering can go a long way towards making you feel lighter. Let go of items that no longer serve you and are just weighing you down or taking up valuable room in your home. Consider whether you have items that can be sold, donated, or recycled. Not only will decluttering start to free up physical space, but this practice also promotes mental clarity. An untidy living space can lead to feelings of stress caused by overstimulation. You may not even realize how much stuff you've accumulated until you start to declutter. If you need help getting rid of your unwanted items, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can clear them away—big or small, and from anywhere in your home.

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Deep clean 

With the clutter out of the way, make time for a thorough clean. Dust, wash, and scrub areas of your home that are not part of your regular cleaning routine to get your space looking, feeling, and smelling as fresh as possible. And let some light in while you’re at it! Opening the windows will not only help air circulate as you clean, but the sun may help to shine a light on a spot you might otherwise have missed. 


A focus on organization once cleaning is complete can bring about a sense of order. Implement storage solutions to help you create and maintain tidiness, and designate a special place for each item in your home. Being intentional about where you display or store your things will help you keep frequently used items accessible, and occasionally used items organized and neat. Consider labeling any storage boxes that you cannot see into to help you keep track of their contents. Not only will organization get your home looking nicer, it may also bring you some peace of mind in knowing where everything is.

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Implement new habits

Once your spring cleaning is complete, take time to enjoy the fresh, light feeling of your space. You’ll be feeling lighter, too! Few things feel better than enjoying time in a fresh, clean home, so don’t lose the momentum. Embrace new habits, and implement regular intention-setting to help you declutter, clean, and organize whether in the springtime, or anytime.

Are you ready to spring clean for a fresher, lighter you? 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is always happy to help haul away items you no longer need to get you feeling great about your space! 

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