Home resolutions to add to your New Year's list

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While many New Year’s resolutions are focused around personal improvement, don’t forget to give some of that love to your home. Making your home a priority going into the new year will help you evolve it from not only the place where you rest your head, but also a sanctuary for you and your family to relax, grow, and create. From decluttering to home improvement projects, there’s a home resolution that can help you make the most of your space!

A New Year's resolution list for a clean & functional home

To start your year off on the right foot, check out these eight resolutions that will make your home more functional. Whether you pick one area to focus on or decide to tackle a few, these resolutions will help you get one step closer to your dream space!

1. Clear out the clutter

It’s hard to see the full potential of your space when there’s clutter in the way. If you’re wanting to give your home a fresh feeling, decluttering will have the biggest impact. Start by getting rid of any seasonal items that you are no longer using, then move onto the items that are cluttering up counter surfaces and floors. Make sure you put the items in the rooms they belong to, so they don’t continue to add to the clutter. If an item doesn't have a home, consider donating it, you’ll clear up your space and give the item a new life. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is happy to handle all the lifting, loading, and proper disposal of your unwanted items, so you can enjoy your decluttered space even sooner!

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2. Organize your space

Once you’ve decluttered, set yourself up for success by creating storage solutions. If everything has a home, it will help keep the clutter from creeping back in! Some key organization tips are using clear containers, or labels, so you know what’s inside and installing shelving or cubbies so you can clear some of the floor space. Lastly, consider investing in multi purpose furniture, such as an ottoman with storage space underneath. For even more organization ideas check out our 40 genius home storage ideas.

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3. Purge your closet 

Oftentimes the clothes stored at the back of your closet are items you haven’t reached for in years! A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn something for a year, it’s time to say goodbye. As you clean your closet, sort the items into three piles: store, donate, or toss. If you still wear an item but it’s out of season, put it in storage. If the piece of clothing is no longer your style but is still in good condition, donate it. Lastly, if the item is damaged, toss it. If you’re not sure where to take your donation or toss piles, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can handle all the work for you. We do our best to donate the donatables and recycle the recyclables!

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4. Make your home energy efficient 

If you’re wondering how to make your home more energy efficient, look no further! With some simple swaps you can make your home more environmentally friendly and save money while doing it. Swap out your traditional lights for LED bulbs, they use less energy and last longer, but don't forget to turn them off when you leave the room. When they are not being used, turn off power strips and unplug appliances so they stop pulling energy unnecessarily. Reduce your hydro bill and water use by watering your yard less and not leaving the faucet on longer than needed. When you leave the house, make sure you also turn off the air conditioning or lower the heat, depending on the season. These seemingly small changes can have a huge impact on your overall energy efficiency!

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5. Improve your home safety

No matter how good your home looks, you need to make safety a priority! Set a resolution to improve security around the house. Start by checking the functioning of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace them if needed. While you're making safety upgrades,  make sure your locks are functioning and install home security cameras. Many modern camera systems are very user friendly and can even be viewed through your smartphone!

Woman standing on a lather replacing the batteries of a ceiling smoke detector

6. Embrace elements of minimalism

After decluttering you want to make sure that the clutter doesn't creep back into your life. A good way to do this is by adapting elements of a minimalist lifestyle. On top of decluttering, minimalism challenges you to only keep the items that truly serve a purpose. It de-emphasizes the importance of material possessions and consumerism, encouraging you to prioritize yourself and emotional connections.  As you walk through your home, if there is anything that doesn't spark joy, it might be time to say goodbye. To see if minimalism is right for you, check out our article on eight benefits of minimalism.

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7. Get started on home improvement projects 

If you’ve been meaning to revamp areas of your home, there's no better time to do it! Whether you want to make easy home upgrades like adding a fresh coat of paint, or have some larger home improvement ideas in mind like redoing the bathroom tile, turn it into a goal for the new year so you’re more likely to accomplish it. You can even make it into a family activity by involving your children with some of the easier elements. Once you’ve started on these projects, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is able to clear any construction or renovation debris, ensuring you get to spend more time enjoying your updated space, and less time driving to the local dump.

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8. Develop a cleaning schedule

Set up a plan so you can stay on top of cleaning tasks and won't become overwhelmed trying to tackle it all at once. Some tasks should be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cadence. To get you started here's a list of some common tasks and when they should happen. Don’t forget to add your own as needed!

  • Every day you should wash the dishes and clear them from the counter so they don’t pile up.
  • Weekly, make sure to vacuum, mop the floors, do laundry, and change bedding.
  • Monthly, dust light fixtures, blinds, and any other areas where dust collects. In addition, be sure to deep clean your oven, dishwasher, and fridge, while getting rid of any expired items.
  • Yearly, make sure to clear out your gutters, deep clean your carpets and windows, and clean your fireplace.
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If you need help with some of your home resolutions, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. We can quickly and safely remove any of your unwanted items with our full service junk removal, and would love to help you accomplish your resolutions!

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