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Birds-eye view of a stove top and the open drawers below

How to organize your kitchen: A comprehensive checklist

Organizing your kitchen can help keep the space clutter-free! Check out the five areas you should focus on to optimize your kitchen organization. (READ MORE)Beautiful backyard space with a pool

Cleaning for spring: Outdoor checklist

Get your outdoor space freshened up and ready for the warmer months with our 6 outdoor spring cleaning tips! (READ MORE)Woman standing in her clean kitchen

Autumn decluttering checklist: How to organize your home

Get your house feeling cozy and ready for the season by following these essential autumn decluttering tips.  (READ MORE)Multiple hazardous open paint cans of varying color

How to ensure toxic waste disposal is done safely

Decluttering? Beware of toxic products. Here's what to do with things like paints, cleaners, oils, pool chemicals, batteries, and pesticides. (READ MORE)Clean garage with car and shelves

How to achieve optimal garage organization in 3 easy steps

Is your garage giving you grief? Here's how to clear out the clutter and make the most of this valuable space in your home. (READ MORE)