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Birds-eye view of a stove top and the open drawers below

How to organize your kitchen: A comprehensive checklist

Organizing your kitchen can help keep the space clutter-free! Check out the five areas you should focus on to optimize your kitchen organization. (READ MORE)Clean basement with office nook

Basement storage ideas to optimize your space

Learn how to organize your basement and keep it clutter-free with the help of our comprehensive basement storage guide. (READ MORE)Man signing for a post office delivery

Four different types of shoppers: Which one are you?

Find out what type of shopper you are and specific tips that correspond with your shopping style! (READ MORE)Woman organizing books on a coffee table

40 genius home storage ideas

Staying organized can be hard if you don’t have the right storage solutions in place. Make clutter a thing of the past with our 40 home storage ideas! (READ MORE)woman packing items in cardboard boxes

How to declutter your home for the new year

Want a fresh start to the new year but don’t know where to begin? Check out our 8 decluttering tips for how to get rid of the old and welcome the new! (READ MORE)2 TOMs in front of a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? truck

The definitive guide to junk removal

Curious about the history of junk removal, how junk gets recycled, or the items we take? Read all about it and more in this comprehensive guide! (READ MORE)White closet office space with doors

7 insanely brilliant home remodeling ideas

Looking for ways to repurpose unused spaces in your home? Check out our 7 home remodeling ideas to get inspired.  (READ MORE)women-organizing-kitchen-dishes

Home organization hacks: Easy tricks for any household

Need some creative ideas and hacks for getting your home organized? Follow these steps to get your house tidy! (READ MORE)Shoe rack with shoes and bag on door

11 space saving dorm room organization tips

Dorm life can be pretty amazing, but living in such a small space can also be a challenge. Here's how to keep your dorm room cool and clutter-free. (READ MORE)White bathroom with shower stall

Say so-long to bathroom clutter with 4 easy steps

If it looks or feels like you’ve got too much stuff in your bathroom, you’re probably right! Check out our smart tips on reducing bathroom clutter. (READ MORE)