How to disassemble a pool table for moving

An old pool table ready for disassembly

Owning a pool table is a nice perk. Getting the gang together for a game and a laugh is always welcome. But there may come a time when you need to move that table. That’s when you need to know how to take apart and move a pool table.

Whether you're relocating, renovating, or simply need to clear up space, disassembling your pool table might be the best move, as long as you know the best way to handle this big job. In this guide, we'll break down the process into simple steps, making it easy for anyone to break down a pool table.

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Why disassemble a pool table

There are many reasons you might want to take apart your pool table. Here are some of them, and the things to consider:

Moving to a new home

Pool tables are heavy and bulky, making them challenging to move in one piece. Disassembling the table eases the burden of transportation.

The size of a pool table can pose problems when navigating through doorways and hallways. Taking it apart allows for smooth passage without risking damage to your beloved table or your home.

Undergoing renovations or repairs

When it comes to making repairs or renovating your game room, easy access is key. Disassembling the pool table provides a clear view of the playing surface and frame, making it simpler to address any issues.

Renovation projects can involve heavy machinery or tools that may accidentally damage the pool table. Disassembly is a proactive measure to protect your investment.

Storing the pool table temporarily

If you're in the process of selling or donating your pool table and need to store it temporarily, disassembling it ensures a more compact and secure storage solution.

Maybe you're temporarily repurposing the room, and the pool table is in the way. Taking it apart allows you to reclaim space until you're ready to set it up again.

Tools you need to take a pool table apart

Here are some of the main tools and materials you’ll typically use to disassemble and store your pool table:

  • Socket wrench: This is indispensable for removing nuts and bolts efficiently. Make sure to have a set of sockets in various sizes to accommodate the different bolts used in the pool table.
  • Power drill: While a manual screwdriver can do the job, a power drill speeds up the disassembly process, especially when dealing with numerous screws. Choose a drill with adjustable torque settings to avoid overtightening or damaging the threads.
  • Moving blankets or bubble wrap: These materials help safeguard individual components during transportation or storage. Wrapping parts in moving blankets or bubble wrap prevents scratches and dings, preserving the aesthetic quality of the pool table.
  • Other materials: Use stickers, colored markers, or labels to mark each part as you disassemble the pool table. This simple step will save you considerable time during reassembly. Consider using small zip-top bags to store corresponding nuts, bolts, and small components for each part.

With a clear understanding of why you might need to disassemble a pool table and the essential tools at your disposal, let's move on to the step-by-step process of dismantling the table.

6 steps to disassemble a pool table

1. Clear the table

Begin by clearing the pool table of all accessories, including balls, cues, and any other items. This step ensures a clean slate for the disassembly process.

2. Detach the pockets

Use a screwdriver or power drill to carefully unscrew and remove the pockets. Place the screws in labeled bags to keep track of them for reassembly.

3. Remove rails and felt

Using a socket wrench, loosen and remove the bolts securing the rails to the table. Keep the bolts organized and labeled.

If your pool table has felt, carefully pull out the staples securing it to the slate. Roll up the felt and set it aside for safekeeping.

4. Remove the slate

Locate and remove the screws securing the slate to the frame. Work systematically to avoid causing any imbalance.

Enlist the help of others to lift and carry the heavy slate pieces. Place them in a safe and padded area to prevent damage.

5. Detach legs and frame

Use the socket wrench to detach the legs from the frame. Some pool tables may have legs that can be unscrewed directly, while others may require additional steps.

Depending on the design, the frame might come apart into sections. Take note of how the frame components fit together for easier reassembly.

6. Label and secure parts

As each part is removed, label it with a corresponding number or letter. Use stickers or markers to simplify the reassembly process.

Wrap each component, especially the slate pieces, in moving blankets or bubble wrap to prevent scratches and dings during transportation or storage.

Moving and storing the disassembled pool table

Transport the heavy slate pieces and frame with the help of a sturdy dolly or cart. Secure the components to prevent shifting during transportation. Ensure all parts are securely wrapped with moving blankets or bubble wrap. Pay special attention to the slate pieces, as they are both heavy and fragile.

Store the disassembled pool table in a dry and climate-controlled space to prevent damage from moisture or extreme temperatures. Keep heavy items away from the pool table components to prevent crushing or warping. Maintain a clear space to ensure the individual parts remain in good condition.

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By following these steps, you can successfully disassemble, move, and store your pool table, whether you're preparing for a move, making renovations, or waiting for pickup. Remember to take your time, work systematically, and keep track of all components for a smooth reassembly process.

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