Where to donate a mattress in the US?

Where to donate a mattress in the US

When it's time to upgrade your mattress, rather than sending your old one to the landfill, consider the powerful impact you can make by donating it to those in need. Mattress donations provide comfort, security, and a fresh start to individuals and families facing homelessness or hardship.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore where and how you can donate a mattress in the United States, whether you're an individual or a business looking to make a difference.

Donating a mattress as an Individual

Donating a mattress as an individual can be a generous way to help those in need and the most responsible way to dispose of your mattress.

Local shelters and Homeless services

Find nearby shelters: Discovering local shelters and services that accept mattress donations is often the first step. A quick internet search or a call to your local social services department can help you locate them.

Contact these shelters for donation details: Reach out to the shelters or homeless services to inquire about their specific donation requirements, such as mattress condition and size.

Nonprofit organizations

Recognized national and regional organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity operate nationwide and often accept mattress donations.

1. The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army operates thrift stores nationwide and uses the profits to fund adult rehabilitation centers. They accept mattress donations and even offer free pick-up service.

2. Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore outlets sell gently-used home goods and building materials to fund their housing projects. They accept mattress donations at certain locations, so it's best to call your local ReStore to inquire.

3. Furniture Bank Association of America
The Furniture Bank Association of America provides free, gently-used furniture to families struggling to afford essentials. Many of their 34 member organizations across the US accept mattress donations.

How furniture banks work: Furniture banks collect and distribute furniture, including mattresses, to families in need. Find a local furniture bank near you and inquire about their donation process.

4. DonationTown
DonationTown is an online directory that allows you to find local charities that accept mattress donations. Simply enter your zip code and they'll suggest places in your area.

How to arrange mattress donations? 

Contact these nonprofits to learn about their donation process and schedule a pick-up or drop-off. Many organizations may be willing to pick up the mattress from your location, especially if it's in very good condition. Be sure to schedule a convenient time for pickup or drop-off.

Documentation: Request a donation receipt from the recipient organization. This documentation can be valuable for tax purposes, as many businesses can claim deductions for charitable contributions.

Donating mattresses as a business

Donating mattresses as a business is a charitable and socially responsible way to contribute to your community.

Partnering with nonprofits

Benefits of corporate mattress donations: Businesses can have a significant impact by donating mattresses in bulk. It's not just about giving back; it's also about fostering goodwill and a positive brand image.

Organizations that facilitate business donations: Reach out to nonprofit organizations that specialize in coordinating corporate donations, making the process seamless.

Regular Donations: If your business frequently accumulates surplus mattresses, consider establishing a regular donation program. This can help maintain an ongoing positive impact in your community.

Local community initiatives

Supporting local shelters and charities: Businesses can make a local impact by supporting shelters, charities, or community organizations. Consider organizing donation drives or offering financial support to such initiatives.

Employee engagement in donation drives: Encourage your employees to get involved by donating mattresses or volunteering their time to help those in need.

Recycling programs

Responsible disposal and recycling options: Some organizations specialize in recycling mattresses, reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impact. Explore recycling programs in your area to dispose of old mattresses responsibly.

Ensuring mattress quality

Before donating a mattress, ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • Gently used: Donated mattresses should be in good condition with minimal wear and tear.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing: Clean and sanitize the mattress to remove dirt, allergens, and odors.
  • Legal regulations and safety considerations: Be aware of local regulations regarding mattress donations to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Tips for a smooth donation process

  • Scheduling pick-ups or drop-offs: Plan your donation logistics carefully, whether you're donating as an individual or a business.
  • Transportation and logistics: Ensure you have the means to transport mattresses to the donation location or inquire about pick-up services.
  • Communicating clearly with donation recipients: When arranging the donation, communicate clearly with the receiving organization about the condition of the mattress, its size, and any other relevant details. Stay in touch with the organization or shelter to coordinate the donation process efficiently.

Making mattress donation easy in your city

The United States is brimming with opportunities to make a difference through mattress donations. Whether you're an individual or a business, you have the power to provide comfort and a fresh start to those facing hardship.

By following the steps in this guide, you can contribute to a brighter future for individuals and families in need while reducing waste and promoting a culture of giving.

If you want to donate your mattress to the right place, you can always reach out to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? In your city. We are always looking to give back to our community and we will donate your unwanted items that are still in usable condition. You don’t have to go through all the hassle as we will take away your mattresses and donate them to local charities and organizations. Are you ready to give away and make a difference?

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