How to ensure toxic waste disposal is done safely

Multiple hazardous open paint cans of varying color

When going through your unwanted items it is extremely important to properly dispose of hazardous materials, as many toxic items can be harmful to humans and the environment. 

Follow our top tips for safe and efficient hazardous material disposal

1. Identify hazardous materials

Oftentimes people don’t even realize when a product is toxic. Never pour anything you suspect could be toxic down the drain. Assume your item needs special disposal care if it has a toxic symbol, is ignitable, or is corrosive. Common items include: paint, cleaners, oils, pool chemicals, batteries, and pesticides.

2. Make a list

Walk through your home prior to spring cleaning day and jot down items that will need special handling and disposal.

3. Contact your local government office

Every community is different, but the local government is always the contact for waste disposal services, so start here. You will learn if there is a special pick-up service for hazardous waste and you can ask for local contacts to dispose of items that the city does not take care of.

4. Work with a local junk hauler

When you're getting rid of junk in general with a hauler, we can help advise you on what to do with your hazardous materials.

Feel good about your environmental practices knowing you have properly disposed of hazardous material!

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