Local mattress removal service

At our locally owned 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchises across Greater Montreal, we're your go-to solution for mattress removal. Our expertise extends beyond simple junk removal to include eco-conscious mattress disposal services. Whether you're updating your bedroom or need to get rid of a worn-out mattress, we're here to handle the heavy lifting, transportation, and proper disposal or recycling of your mattress.

How our mattress disposal service works

  1. Book your free onsite estimate online or by calling 1-800-468-5865. No credit card required.
  2. Point to the items you want to get rid of and we'll give you a no-obligation price on the spot.
  3. Watch your junk disappear! We do all the heavy lifting and sweep up when we're done.


Easy mattress disposal in Montreal

Our teams in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil are ready to assist with your mattress disposal needs. We pride ourselves on offering the quickest junk removal service in the city, often capable of same-day pickups when bookings are made in the morning. Imagine the relief of having your old mattress removed today, knowing it will be responsibly disposed of or recycled.

We value your time highly, which is why we strive to accommodate your schedule as best we can. You choose the appointment time that's most convenient for you, and we'll make sure to be there.

Transparent pricing for mattress pickup

Pricing with 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is straightforward. When we show up at your no-obligation quote appointment, we'll share a quote after seeing the items you want removed. We always agree on a price before starting any work, ensuring there are no surprises or hidden fees. If you’re only disposing of one mattress, be sure to ask about our single-item pricing.

Have more questions on how we price? We've got more info on our junk removal pricing page.

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Why choose 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for your mattress removal?

Whether it's a king-size memory foam mattress, a box spring, bed frame, or headboard, we know what needs to be donated, recycled, or disposed of responsibly. Our friendly, strong team members can safely remove it from your premises, saving you the trouble of transporting it yourself.

As Montreal's mattress disposal experts, we cover a wide area, ensuring that all residents have access to our top-notch services. If you're looking to reclaim your space, contact your local 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Montreal teams!

  • Your local franchise: We're the proud local franchise of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in Montreal. We are thrilled to be serving all the amazing residents of Montreal. When it comes to mattress removal in Montreal, we've got your back!
  • Residential and commercial service: Looking to get rid of one mattress from your home? Or are you a business owner looking to dispose of a bulk of mattresses? Our well-equipped team is ready to handle projects of all sizes from any space.
  • Fully licensed and insured teams: We are the world's largest junk removal service, and our fully licensed team of experts is dedicated to providing fast and professional services
  • Responsible disposal: We're passionate about our planet, and our commitment to eco-friendly practices shines through in every step of our mattress recycling process. Rest easy knowing your mattress won't end up in a landfill, as we diligently work to recycle or repurpose as much of it as possible.
  • We donate to charity: We are always looking to contribute to our local community. If it's in good condition, we donate your mattress to local shelters and charities in Montreal like The Salvation Army.
  • Friendly, reliable, and trustworthy: At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, our reputation speaks for itself – we are known for our trustworthy service and caring team.

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Preparing for mattress disposal

Evaluating mattress condition

Evaluate the condition of your old mattress to determine its suitability for donation or recycling. Check for stains, rips, frayed fabric, and compression to decide its condition. If the mattress is in good condition, consider donating or selling it. If it is damaged or worn out, consider recycling or disposing of it responsibly.

Disposal options

Mattress donations

Consider donating your old mattress to a charity or thrift store, which can help those in need and provide a tax write-off. Look for local charities or organizations in Montreal that accept mattress donations. Contact each charity to see if they accept mattress donations and can arrange for pickup.

Selling your old mattress

If your mattress is in excellent, like-new condition, it's possible someone may want to purchase it. Be upfront about any use of the mattress and/or blemishes with who you're selling it to.

Recycling and repurposing

Recycling a mattress can help reduce waste and protect the environment. Look for local recycling centers in Montreal that accept mattress drop offs. Be prepared to transport your mattress to the recycling center or call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? who can take care of your mattress recycling for you.

Mattress pickup service with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Call your local 1-800-GOT-JUNK? team in Montreal to pick up your mattress today. We handle all of the organizing, heavy lifting, and transportation for you at a reasonable price.

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Montreal Mattress Disposal FAQs

Once we leave with your mattresses, we usually take them to nearby recycling centers. The mattresses are broken down and the recyclable materials like foam, fabric, springs, etc. are separated. They are then processed further to be reused in the manufacturing processes of other products in an eco-friendly manner to minimize the landfill impact. But if your mattress is in excellent condition, we strive to donate it to local charities and shelters. We're always committed to donating or recycling and finding the most sustainable solution.

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