Same-Day Mattress Removal & Disposal Services

Get same-day mattress disposal in Phoenix when you book early with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?.

If you own or rent a home in the Phoenix area, you may have wondered how to handle the old mattresses in your garage or on the junk pile in your backyard. It isn't easy to handle a load like that in a family car, after all, dump fees alone can put mattress removal and disposal outside of a Phoenix resident's comfort zone. Fortunately, the Phoenix-area mattress disposal pros at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? are standing by to help you out. No matter what part of town your home or business is situated in, we have local teams who can't wait to toss your old mattresses and box springs onto the back of a truck and free up some floor space for you.

Bulk Hauling Is a Hassle Sometimes

It was probably hard enough to get your new mattresses home, strapped to the roof of your car, without the wind getting under them and making a mess on I-17, and after the new beds were made, you probably didn't relish the thought of hauling off your old mattresses the same way.

Even with a 3/4-ton pickup truck, moving old mattresses is a pretty draining job that involves lots of bungee cords and maybe a plastic tarp over the bed. Fortunately, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has the whole Phoenix, Arizona area covered for routine mattress removal and hygienic disposal. If you have one, two, or a whole lot more mattresses cluttering up your home's garage, or your motel's storeroom, we're on standby to swing out and collect them all.

Phoenix's Trusted Name in Mattress Disposal

We operate as a national company, with all of the resources and expertise that implies, but we keep a strictly local focus on the neighborhoods where we live, work, and send our kids to school. That's why 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is ideally positioned to help Phoenix-area homeowners and businesses clear out their old, used mattresses and other bedroom furniture. When you call our office, a trained customer service rep is happy to take your call and consult with you over the phone regarding where your old mattresses are and how best to remove and dispose of them. Whether you live way up north near Bumble Bee, or your 50-bed skilled nursing home is situated way down south in Sun Lakes, we have a crew that can swing by at a date and time when you're ready to see them.

Full-Service Handling and Removal

We take a lot of details over the phone when you call, but that's because 1-800-GOT-JUNK? offers full-service Phoenix mattress removal and disposal. We listen to what you're telling us about your mattress pile, and then we give you our honest best estimate for hauling costs and disposal fees. There's no obligation to book with us; we're still happy to hear from a neighbor. If you decide we're the team for you, our rep can schedule an appointment right over the phone and dispatch a team to your home or business location. We're always punctual, and the aim is to arrive exactly when we said we would, so you don't have to sit and watch for a truck or post an employee in the lobby for hours while you wait.

It's Easy to Get Started

Getting the ball rolling on your Phoenix-area mattress removal could hardly be easier. Just give 1-800-GOT-JUNK? a call, or click through on the website to find out about our other services and to book an appointment. From the time you decide to have those old mattresses hauled away, to the time when our truck turns the corner with your decade-old California King mattress, we're ready to handle all the hard parts of mattress disposal in Phoenix.

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