Store Remodel

You manage the store remodel. We manage the junk removal.

Our team will provide a quick, cost-effective junk removal solution that won't interfere with your renovation schedule. Whether you’re doing a complete rebranding or just a seasonal refresh, we’ve got the truck team to handle everything you prefer not to. Here’s what you’ll get when you use 1-800-GOT-JUNK? as your store remodel junk removal solution:

  • Full labor and junk removal
  • Pickups outside of store hours
  • Coverage for all of your locations
  • An exclusive project manager
  • Environmentally responsible disposal

Contact the Retail Services team for more information.

Case study—a quick campaign changeover for The Container Store

The Container Store is a specialty retail chain based in Dallas, TX that sells storage and organization solutions to homes and offices, operating 30 retail locations across the continental United States from Seattle to Manhattan. The Container Store and 1-800-GOT-JUNK? have worked together on several projects and completed over 230 individual pick-ups.


  • Only seven days remaining until a system-wide seasonal campaign changeover
  • Complete removal of the remaining debris from slat walls and paneling to wood shelving
  • To be removed from 30 locations on the same day by noon in each of their specific time zones


  • Reliable and quick turnaround provided
  • By the next day, they had an expectation of price
  • By the third day, all appointments were on the schedule
  • Invoice and payment process was set up
  • Junk removal solution was determined


  • All appointments were scheduled and completed on time and on budget
  • Last minute pickup in Manhattan that came in just a few days after the big changeover day was dispatched and completed within a short turnaround
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