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Is your back room is filled with junk your staff doesn't want to touch? Seasonal display changes can pile up quickly, especially when your store is located in a mall or urban area with no dumpster access. It’s also tough to find the time to tackle the cleanup on your own when your staff is busy operating your business and maintaining your storefront.

See how our Truck Team Members support a complete store clearout.

Our value proposition

We work with your Store Operations Team to coordinate removals across the United States, Canada and Australia. Here’s what we can offer your business:

Full-service removal

  • Our truck teams collect and remove the items from anywhere in-store. Our clients can point to what they need removed, and we will take it from there. This saves your staff the hard labor of retail waste removal while allowing them to stay focused on your customers.

Responsible disposal

  • Most retail waste is recyclable. Unlike a dumpster service, our truck team will sort and separate these materials for repurposing or recycling – and we can provide reporting on the tonnage and percentage of materials recycled at each store.

Cost savings nationwide

  • Our National Accounts program will ensure you receive the same consistent waste removal service at all of your locations, while streamlining the scheduling and invoicing process to save you both time and money.

Registered on Fixxbook and ServiceChannel

  • We have been active on ServiceChannel fulfilling client service requests since 2008. Invite us to join your Fixxbook network.

Simplify your retail waste removal needs with a single phone call to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? We will get it done quickly.

Contact the Retail Services team for more information.

Here’s how we can help:

Store remodels

  • Disposal of displays, fixtures and other materials. Learn more

Store closures

  • Recycling, disposal of all leftover store debris. Learn more

Recurring service schedules

  • Reliable removal solution that won't interfere with your daily store operations. Learn more

Nationwide rollouts

  • Dependable project management and coordination. Learn more
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