St. Louis Scrap Metal Pickup & Recycling

Have you been browsing for new appliances to complete your Atlanta home? Do you wish you could quickly and easily get your old appliances out the door so you can bring new units in? While shopping for just the right models for your kitchen or laundry room is fun, the reality of getting the old, outdated versions out is decidedly less exciting. You don't have the right dolly to move them, you're worried about scuffing the floors or scraping the walls, and your back is already starting to hurt just imagining all that hauling.

We Recycled Before it was Cool!

But what if you could simply pick up the phone and make it happen like magic? Believe it or not, when you call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, that's exactly what will happen. A team of friendly, uniformed professionals will come right to your Atlanta home, quickly and securely attach your old appliances to utility dollies, and take them out of your home in minutes. You'll get a clean, clear path to install your new favorite appliances, and you'll never even have to lift a finger to help!

Bye Bye Unwanted Appliances

Dishwashers break, fridges stop getting frosty, washing machines don't wash like they used to - after being used for years, sometimes they simply break down. Replacing them is easy, but getting the old ones out used to be difficult - not anymore. With a quick phone call, you'll be able to relax and enjoy getting your space back without needing to sacrifice days off work, sweating, or pulling muscles trying to shove appliances through your hallways, down stairs, or past difficult doorways. That's our job, and after so many years of serving the Atlanta community, we've gotten very good at it.

We know that your time is valuable - taking hours or even a full day off of work isn't always feasible just to get a few appliances out of your home. Save your vacation days for something you'd rather be doing, and leave the heavy lifting to our friendly appliance removal specialists - they can't wait to help you cross off another line in your home renovation or remodeling to-do list.

Atlanta Appliance Removal Made Easy

Getting the appliance out of your home is only one part of the equation - we help you by recycling it, too. We recognize that many of our valued Atlanta area clients are ecologically minded, which is why we work with an extensive donation and recycling network to reduce or eliminate the impact on our planet. Your local Atlanta community receives support, landfills stay empty, and broken appliances get a new life through recycling. It's a win-win-win situation, especially when you consider the free time you'll enjoy by not having to remove your own appliances.

Contact Us Today!

Before you push, pull, haul, or lift your way into a frustrating day, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for Atlanta appliance removal you can count on. We're ready and waiting to make your home remodel or renovation an easy, efficient experience - so much so, you'll wonder why you ever thought about doing it yourself!


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