Portland Old Tire Removal & Disposal

Vehicle tires are built to be tough. They have to be, considering what rough roads and bad weather put them through. But that very toughness makes old tire disposal tricky to do right, since these vulcanized and steel-belted items decompose very slowly and take up so much space, most landfills refuse to take them at all. This can really be a problem for Portland homeowners, as some frustrated people thoughtlessly dump their old tires on others' property, thus kicking the problem down the road a bit.

If you have a set of old tires, or if you wake up one morning and find a set of radials in your yard, hang one from a tree in your backyard as a swing for the kids. Then, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to haul away and responsibly dispose of the other three.

Portland Old Tire Removal

It can be tricky to get rid of old tires in Portland. Curbside pickup won't take them, and the regular local landfills don't want to hear about them. Disposing of them yourself is out of the question. Burning tires is generally illegal, because of the pollution it creates and the risk to surrounding property. Even if you bury an old tire, it will eventually leach toxic methane gas into the soil, and eventually into the air. For all these reasons, it can be really hard to find a final resting place for your old tires.

Fortunately, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is on this. Give us a call, and we can schedule you a neat, 2-hour window for Portland old tire removal. When our team gets to your home or place of business, show them where the tires are piled up, and they will get to work loading them onto the truck right away. Once the tires are loaded, our team hits the road and those tires are out of your life forever.

Old Tire Disposal & Recycling

Actually, you might see them again, only slightly changed. This is because we try to recycle as much material from old tires we collect as we reasonably can. Tires are actually really good to recycle, since the complex hydrocarbons in their makeup can be repurposed into asphalt, new shoes and even the rubbery flooring of a basketball court. We can also sometimes grind the material tires are made of into what's called "crumb rubber," which has all kinds of applications as well. You know those rubbery white reflectors on the side of the road? Those are mostly old tires too. Whatever we can't feasibly recycle, we dispose of at specialized facilities that are set up to responsibly reduce hazardous material and sequester it where it won't get at the groundwater.

Any time you find yourself with a load of used tires in the Portland area, give us a call to arrange pickup and disposal. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is available 24 hours a day to take your call. Our trained, friendly customer service staff can ask you about how many tires you have, how big they are, and what time is good for you to have them hauled. Our teams arrive on time and get those old tires out of your way fast. If you need Portland old tire removal, there's just no better way to handle it than to give 1-800-GOT-JUNK? a call today.

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