Phoenix Computer Removal & Disposal

Get rid of that old computer and free up space in your study, garage or storage area! Here at 1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK?, we have the skills and the equipment to tackle any cleanup job, large or small. Just visit the Book an Appointment page, tell us about your Phoenix computer disposal project and we'll take it from there. You can schedule a time online or talk to us on the phone: it's all up to you.

If you're in a hurry and need same-day pickup service, we can handle that, too. Just choose the same-day pickup option and we'll come and get your old tech. If you have other junk, we can get rid of that for you at the same time—and we only charge for the space it occupies in the back of our truck. Just point and junk disappears!

Why Choose 1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK?

We're a cut above the rest for many reason: we're enthusiastic, we're punctual and we're reliable, and we'll always serve you with a smile. Quick and professional, we put your debris in our vehicle swiftly and carefully, regardless of its weight or bulkiness. We know how to dispose of your old tech safely and legally, and we've been serving your neighborhood for decades.

Transparency is a core part of our mantra here at 1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK?. We'll give you a fair and honest cost estimate and we'll never add unexpected expenses to your invoice after the fact. Stand back and watch as our friendly, experienced staff take away your unwanted items and leave your location cleaner than it was before. Show us what we're up against—we're happy to help.

What Types of Trash Do We Tackle?

Got too much tech to handle? Need to make room for new gadgets? We've got you covered. Here at 1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK?, we tackle an array of different items, and regularly remove:

Broken computers
Old printers
Office waste
Old mobile devices
Fax machines

If you have a unique challenge, we're excited to hear about it. Contact us to make an appointment and we'll leave your space sparkling!

Where Does Your Computer Go?

Legacy tech needs special attention when it comes to trash time, and we know how to handle touchy components and problematic materials. If your unwanted tech is in working order or can be repaired, we will redistribute it for reuse. If it's completely defunct, we'll drop it off with a reputable recycling plant. We try to avoid sending recyclable materials to landfill sites and we never dump appliances because we care about the environment and we believe Phoenix deserves the best possible service!

Commercial Computer Disposal in Phoenix

We not only work with homeowners but also with business owners all over the Phoenix area. If you need to evict your old tech in advance of an office-wide computer upgrade, call 1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK? and book an appointment. We're Phoenix computer disposal experts and we'll cork with your business any time you need to get rid of old appliances, gadgets or trash quickly and safely. Goodbye junk. Hello relief.

1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK?: We're In Your Neighborhood!

Founded back in 1989, 1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK? started as a summer business and quickly grew into a thriving multinational corporation. Nowadays, we're a household name, we're the world's largest junk removal service and we handle tons of trash each year. With over 200 locations in three countries, we're in your neighborhood and we're ready to help you tackle any junk-related problem you might have. We're hard working, friendly, and we even sweep up before we leave!

Give us a call or book your appointment online to enjoy 1-­800-­GOT-­JUNK?'s superior service for yourself!

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