Indianapolis Old Furniture Removal & Recycling

It's exciting and fun to bring home new furniture, but the joy is tempered by the need to now get rid of the old stuff that's been haunting your living room, bedroom or dining room for all these years. Old furniture can be as bulky as it is heavy, and getting rid of it is usually more time- and money-intensive than it would be to get rid of almost anything else in your house. Indianapolis old furniture removal and recycling is made easier, cheaper and altogether just plain better by calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to handle it all for you.

Time and Expense

It's no fun getting rid of your old furniture. Dining room sets tend to be lightly built and take up a lot of space, bedroom furniture has a way of being very heavy and hard to lift. Old couches and love seats somehow manage to be both at the same time. Getting rid of this junk is at least a two-person operation and calls for some serious hauling capacity, or at least a willingness to burn an afternoon making multiple trips to the dump. Even if you spring for the cost of renting a dumpster to park in your driveway for the weekend -- where it costs you money by the day -- you're still on the hook to haul everything down the stairs and out through that narrow front door yourself.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? solves all these problems for you. When we send out a crew, they bring the muscle it takes to get your California king bed frame down the stairs and out of the house without the trouble of doing it yourself. They also bring a truck that's big enough to hold whatever you're getting removed, and unlike a rented dumpster, our truck doesn't charge you a daily rate to sit in front of your house.

Safety and Hygiene Issues

Some very fortunate people have the resources to toss out perfectly good furniture as soon as they get bored with the upholstery pattern. Others, however, are more or less forced to get rid of old furniture only when it's no longer fit for purpose. That can mean all sorts of things, from broken chair arms and stains on the sides to sprung springs and torn padding inside. It can also mean bed bugs. That last is an issue that not just anybody can handle for you, but the disposal pros working for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? are up to the challenge a few little bugs pose. Just let us know before we get there that your sitters have critters, and our team will have the necessary safety clothes to handle your Indianapolis old furniture removal and recycling without spreading the infestation around.

Indianapolis Old Furniture Removal and Recycling

Wherever you live in Circle City, whether you're a homeowner who's lucky enough to live near the Speedway, or you have an office cluttered up with broken swivel chairs down by the river, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is on top of your Indianapolis old furniture removal and recycling. Just give us a call for a free phone consultation, and our friendly rep can tell you how we will handle your unique disposal dilemma.

You'll get a reasonable price estimate, and there won't be any surprise charges tacked onto the end when the bill arrives. We show up when and where you need us, we do all of the work, and when we're done we make sure your furniture gets recycled to the maximum practical extent. There's no obligation when you talk with us, so call before your new furniture arrives and clear a space without breaking a sweat.

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