Murrieta Old Appliance Pickup & Recycling

The typical California home has at least half a dozen appliances in it that are supposed to make life more convenient. When any of them break or get replaced, however, they can suddenly become very inconvenient indeed to remove and dispose of. That's why 1-800-GOT-JUNK? offers Murrieta old appliance pickup and recycling service throughout the western Riverside County area, from Lake Elsinore to Temecula, and throughout our narrow little valley floor.

Old Appliances Come in Many Forms

When somebody says the words "old appliances," most people immediately picture a broken dishwasher, but there's a lot more in that phrase than that. Shorted out ovens and ranges, battered toasters and toaster ovens, leaky refrigerators with unreliable condensers, busted (and dirty, if we're being honest) microwaves, and coffee makers that haven't made a normal-tasting cup of java in over a year are just the sort of kitchen gadgets that need to go.

Many homes also have washing machines and dryers that can't stay, box-style or oscillating fans that aren't moving air anymore, vacuum cleaners that don't suck, and the odd shaving cream warmer/dispenser that was a birthday gift from somebody you don't talk to anymore. All this stuff is prone to breaking down, and when it does it needs hauling away before it becomes a permanent fixture in your garage.

Disposing of Them Yourself Is a Hassle

Problem is, you can't really just toss old appliances out with the trash. Most curbside pickup services won't touch them; they're heavy, for one, and some electronic appliances have components that take special handling they won't get at the landfill, which is why you can run into trouble trying to drop them off yourself.

Complicating things still further, dishwashers and refrigerators often leak fluids, not all of them pure water, which introduces issues with hazardous material, such as old coolant and who-knows-what that they put in window-mounted air conditioners. Microwaves, and other appliances with digital components and elaborate safety switches, usually have circuit boards in them, which can contain small amounts of arsenic and selenium, neither of which is welcome at most landfills. These components demand special efforts to recycle them as much as possible, as to the large amounts of perfectly good scrap metal that can be had from a broken stove or refrigerator.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? Is Here With Mad Murrieta Old Appliance Pickup and Recycling Skills

That's why calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for your Murrieta old appliance pickup and recycling is such a good idea. We can come and get your big, heavy, bulky, leaky home appliances at a time and place of your choosing, haul them off on a truck big enough to do the job in one trip (in case your washer and dryer both broke at the same time), and process them all down into scrap and stuff that's safe to put in a landfill. When you call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? from anywhere in the Murrieta area, we consult with you over the phone to get all the details of the job, then we quote you a price we'll stick to -- no hidden service charges or whatnot -- and book a two-hour appointment window for you to expect us in.

On the day itself, all you have to do is meet us at the door and show us where the junk is at. We do all the lifting for you, no problem. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a huge national brand with a local focus, which lets us economically recycle many things other Murrieta old appliance pickup and recycling services just can't. That's why, when you need your junky old appliances, of any description, carried out and gone, you can't do better than calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for a free phone consultation today.

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