1-800-GOT-JUNK? can help you minimize the potential for storm damage.


Being prepared for a storm will minimize the disastrous impact they can have on your property. This is an ongoing year-round process, and using a junk-removal service like1-800-GOT-JUNK? to clear your property of dangerous debris before or after a storm will help get your family and your business back to normal.  

Equipped with satellite communications and GPS technology 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is able to operate even when essential services are down, making it the most reliable junk removal service around. As the storm season is bearing down on us, protect yourself and your property by following these simple steps below and book an appointment with us to remove your unwanted items.

    1. Complete landscaping - Pruning is essential to prevent serious damage to landscaping during a hurricane or tropical storm. Thinning trees, bushes and scrubs will prevent breakage as a result of high winds. You can save time by hiring a junk removal service, like1-800-GOT-JUNK? to clear the rest for you.  Click here to schedule your appointment
    2. Test your generator - Be sure to service your generator and ensure that it's in working condition. Having extra gas cans for your generator can also be very helpful.
    3. Fuel and service vehicles - Fill all family and work vehicles.  Also consider investing in a fuel transfer tank and make sure you have serviced your vehicle to prevent any unforseen problems. 
    4. Windows and doors - Start collecting material and supplies now. Wood shutters for boarding up windows and doors. Have it precut and ready to mount.
    5. Reduce safety hazards - If unused items are clogging your hallways, your yard is turning into an obstacle course or your job site is scattered with debris, its time to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. We can help you reduce the risk of debris-induced injury. View appointment times in your area by clicking here. 
    6. Develop an evacuation plan - Make a family/work emergency plan, detailing how the family/staff members are to evacuate the house or office and where to meet. 
    7. Gain peace of mind - Ultimately, in this unpredictable time, professional junk removal provides peace of mind. You point the finger and the junk and debris are gone, making your home or work places are now hazard free. 

We hope that our tips and service will help you get ready for the unknown. Preparing is essential and having a plan will help you and your loved ones keep their peace of mind during this stressful time.  To book an appointment simply call 1-800-468-5865 or book online.

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