How to get rid of a basketball hoop

How to get rid of Basketball hoops

Basketball hoops are a wonderful addition to your backyard or driveway if you have kids. They’ll get plenty of use out of it all throughout their younger years. But what do you do when they move on to other pursuits?

If you have a used basketball hoop that's still in decent condition but you no longer want to use it for its original purpose, there are several things you can do instead of just throwing it away.

Here are some eco-friendly ways to repurpose it or pass it on to others before you decide to get rid of your old basketball hoop responsibly.

Donate or sell your hoop

If you want to get rid of your basketball hoop altogether, you have to take it down first.

This is how to take down your basketball hoop safely:

  • Remove the net.
  • Loosen all nuts and bolts that hold up the board, including at the base.
  • Remove the board from the pole.

Some hoops that are cemented into the ground will need more extensive work to remove, such as by sawing. If you don’t have the tools, get help from somebody who does.

Your hoop now is ready to be donated to local charities, thrift stores, schools, community centers, or shelters. This will give others the chance to enjoy the sport and stay active.

You could also sell your hoop online through platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. This will allow you to recoup some of your initial investment and give someone else a chance to use it. Take clear photos and write detailed descriptions to attract potential buyers.

You could also try to swap or trade your hoop. A neighbor might have kids who would appreciate the gesture. See if they have something they’re trying to get rid of that you could use.

Repurpose your basketball hoop

Build a unique trellis

Set the basketball hoop upright in your garden or yard. Allow climbing plants such as beans, peas, or flowering vines to grow around and up the structure.

This provides a decorative element while supporting the growth of your plants.

Craft a bird feeder

Remove the net and backboard, clean the hoop, and attach a bird feeder to the hoop's rim. 

You can then hang the bird feeder from a tree or garden hook to attract feathered visitors to your yard.

Create a garden art sculpture

Paint the basketball hoop in vibrant colors or patterns. Place it strategically among your garden beds to serve as an eye-catching garden art piece.

You can also consider adding other decorative elements, such as wind chimes or colorful flags.

Create a DIY mini greenhouse

Remove the net and backboard, leaving the hoop structure intact. Attach clear plastic sheeting or shower curtains to the hoop using zip ties or clips.

Place the mini greenhouse over garden beds to protect plants from harsh weather conditions and extend the growing season.

Repurpose it as a bike rack

If you have a portable basketball hoop with a weighted base, remove the hoop and backboard.

Use the sturdy base to hold and secure bicycles to prevent them from falling over.

Turn it into a laundry hamper

Remove the net and backboard, leaving the hoop structure intact. Attach a large, sturdy bag or basket beneath the hoop.

You can then use it as a creative laundry hamper for collecting clothes. Kids especially will enjoy using it as a target for dirty clothes.

Recycle or repurpose metal parts

If the basketball hoop is beyond repair, disassemble it and separate the metal components. Recycle the metal parts at a local scrap yard or metal recycling center.

Alternatively, repurpose the metal for other DIY projects, such as furniture or sculptures.

These creative ideas demonstrate how a used basketball hoop can find new life and utility in various ways, from enhancing your garden to providing entertainment for birds or children. Repurposing items like this not only reduces waste but also adds uniqueness to your outdoor space.

Have it picked up and hauled away!

If you don’t want to deal with an old basketball hoop yourself, check out whether your municipality has a pickup day for large items, or whether there’s someplace you can take it for disposal.

Your best bet may be to find a professional, such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, to take down your basketball hoop and haul it away.

How to get rid of Basketball hoops

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