Bel Air Yard Waste Removal & Disposal


If you own an inch of land in Bel Air, you know it doesn't take long for leaves, branches and general green waste to pile up on it. This stuff may seem like it's not a high removal priority, but actually yard waste disposal is an important part of keeping up your property and the community we all share.

Yard Waste Is Hazardous

Though a few innocent-looking leaves may not seem like a problem, they can create a real issue if not swept up and collected. Leaves on the ground can form a carpet that prevents water from sprinklers and rain from reaching the ground. When that happens, instead of soaking into the dry soil, water runs off into the sewer, potentially creating issues with flooding. Leaves also tend to release tannin as they decompose, which is a toxic chemical best left out of your yard. Also, a carpet of leaves can block sunlight reaching your grass, causing large brown spots to appear where the greenery was literally starved of light.

Just Point & Junk Disappears!

Branches are no better than leaves, where it comes to keeping your property safe. Loose branches fall from trees all the time, and once they're on the ground it's really easy to trip over them. This is bad enough when it happens to your children in your own backyard, but when it happens to a customer on a commercial property, it can be worse. Smaller twigs probably won't trip anyone, but they can dry out and become a fire hazard after just a day or two of sunshine. Promptly clearing all these types of waste away is part of responsible land management.

Bel Air Yard Waste Disposal: Surprisingly Difficult

Despite the issues with loose yard waste, it is surprisingly hard to get rid of green debris in Bel Air. Though neighborhoods and individual scenarios vary, it is generally illegal to bag up and dispose of grass, leaves and tree waste with the regular trash. Most landfills won't take it, and your regular curbside pickup company probably charges extra to take it. That can leave you with few options for effective yard waste disposal in the Bel Air area.

Fortunately, you share a town with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. We're all set up to deal with your yard waste, and we're in the neighborhood to help you with yours, no matter how much or how little you have for us. When you call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, which you can do 24 hours a day to talk to one of our knowledgeable reps about your green waste, we schedule a 2-hour pickup window for a date and time that work for you. We offer up-front pricing, so you know in advance what out service will cost, and if there are any complications that drive up the price, we let you know about it and give us the go-ahead before we do it, so you don't find surprise charges on your invoice. Once we have your green waste on the truck, we haul it away to be mulched, processed and put back into circulation as organic fertilizer.

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Don't live with piles of green waste in your yard. Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? today to schedule your Bel Air yard waste removal appointment.