Maplewood Yard Waste Removal & Disposal

Having a nice, tidy yard can be a real pleasure, but all the hard work that goes along with cutting the grass, raking the leaves, pruning the trees, and keeping your garden healthy can leave you with piles and piles of weeds, deadheads, twigs, and soil.

You have a few options when it comes to dealing with all that yard waste - you could bag everything up into those big, unwieldy yard waste bags and wait for your designated organic waste pickup day to roll around. Another option is renting a small utility trailer, shoveling all the dirt, rocks, leaves, and grass inside, and driving to your closest organic waste drop-off facility.

Unfortunately, both of those options involve a lot of time, effort, and a big mess. If you'd rather spend your time enjoying your outdoor space instead of dealing with all the debris, we're here to help. We make the tough task of dealing with your yard waste easy with our Maplewood yard waste removal and disposal services.

Year-Round Yard Waste Removal In Maplewood

Here at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we're available to haul away your yard waste whenever you need us. As the world's largest junk removal service, we don't limit our yard waste disposal services to the spring and fall - we'll pick up your yard waste any time of the year.

Our Volume-Based Pricing

We believe in delivering real value to you, and that includes making sure you're only charged for the services you really need.

Our Maplewood yard waste removal prices are based on the amount of space your branches, leaves, soil, and other organic materials will take up in our truck, and our fees include all the time, labor, and yard waste disposal charges it takes to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

When we arrive to haul away your yard waste, simply point out everything you'd like us to take away for you. We'll provide you with an estimate on the spot, and once you give us the go-ahead, we'll load everything up and clean up after ourselves, leaving you with a spotless yard to admire.

Keeping Organic Materials Out Of The Landfill

At 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we're big on recycling - in fact, we recycled before it was cool.

Organic materials like dead plants, weeds, grass trimmings, and extra sod should not be tossed into the regular trash. In fact, most counties prohibit yard waste disposal at local landfills, which is a good step towards environmental sustainability.

We work hard to ensure all the yard waste we pick up in Maplewood is delivered to an approved composting facility to be naturally processed into fertilizer and clean fill.

Have A Big Clean-Up Project?

Our junk removal experts are strong, ambitious, and always up for a challenge. We'll tackle the toughest yard waste removal jobs in town, including dealing with storm-damaged trees, end-of-season garden clean-outs, and massive piles of leaves, twigs, and soil. And we don't need to wait for fair weather either - we'll help you out, even if it's in less-than-ideal conditions.

Book Your Yard Waste Removal Appointment Today

When you want a simple, hassle-free solution for your yard waste, call us at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? or go online to schedule your Maplewood yard waste removal service.