Bel Air Electronics Removal & Recycling

Every year, millions of electronic devices become obsolete. If you've struggled with figuring out what to do with your outdated electronics after purchasing an upgrade, our Bel Air electronics removal service has an easy solution for you. We'll meet you right at your home or place of business, provide an accurate on-the-spot price quote, and then remove your old electronics. Our simple and straightforward pricing plan is based on volume, ensuring that you'll never pay for service that you aren't receiving. We're in your neighborhood, so give us a call today and show us what we're up against.

Why Choose Us

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the world's largest junk removal service, and we've been providing trusted service since 1989. We stand out by offering fast, friendly, and reliable service, making it easier than ever to get rid of your unwanted electronics.

What Do We Take?

Upgrading your electronics is exciting, but knowing what to do with your outdated devices can be a challenge. Our Bel Air electronics removal service provides a simple solution, taking the hassle out of properly disposing your old electronics. Our friendly, uniformed junk removal experts will take away any unwanted electronic. You don't even have to gather everything in one place; just point and junk disappears!


Electronics that we commonly take include:

Smartphones and tablets
Fax machines
Copy machines
Video game consoles

Why Shouldn't You Throw Your Old Electronics Away?

Once you've upgraded your television, smartphone, or computer, it's time to decide what to do with the old one. It's tempting to simply put it out for weekly trash pickup, but doing so can be harmful to the environment and may even put you at risk for identity theft. Electronics like computers, televisions, and stereos contain heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, and lead. These metals can leach into the soil, ending up in our waterways and having a negative impact on plants and wildlife. In addition to this, computers, laptops, and smartphones and tablets often contain sensitive information that could jeopardize your privacy and put you at risk of identity theft.

Where Do We Take Electronics?

Once we've pick up your unwanted working and nonworking electronics, we sort them. The electronic devices that still work and can safely be donated are taken to one of Bel Air's charities. Electronics that cannot be donated to charity will be transported to a local electronics recycling facility. We're dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible practices; in fact, we recycled before it was cool!

What Else Do We Take?

At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we don't just provide convenient electronics recycling service; we can take any unwanted item that can be lifted by two experienced junk removal experts and loaded onto one of our trucks. No need to gather your items into one place; just point and watch your junk disappear!

We take a wide variety of items, including:

Sofas, love seats, and lounge chairs
Dining room furniture
Renovation and construction debris
Tools and auto parts
Scrap metal
Beds and mattresses
Dressers and armoires
Carpet remnants
Yard waste
Outdoor furniture and recreational gear

Contact Us Today

If you're ready to get rid of your old electronics, our Bel Air electronics removal experts are happy to help. We'll meet you right at your home or business, provide an on-the-spot price quote, and then gather up your unwanted electronics. Just point and junk disappears! Give us a call today and show us what we're up against!