Hopkins Old Appliance Pickup & Recycling

Old appliances in the way of your kitchen remodel or laundry room upgrade? With 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, unwanted appliances and other items are easily a thing of the past.

Our friendly, professional teams show up on time and haul away your old appliances, furniture, junk, and other unwanted items or waste. Simply point, inside or outside of your home, and we'll clear away the mess so you can start fresh.

Hopkins Old Appliance Pickup You Can Rely On

At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we deliver reliable services from the second you place a phone call until the items are disposed of in a responsible manner. We created a process that's straightforward and user-friendly, so you don't have to worry about misunderstandings or stress about unknown information. Here are just some of the ways our process is easy and transparent.

  • You call, we come. You place a single call to set up an appointment, or you can use our online contact form to request an appointment. That's all you need to do — you pick up the phone, and we pick up the rest!

  • Same day service. In many scenarios we can offer same-day service. For larger jobs, we may still be able to offer a same day quote and some information so you know exactly what you're dealing with, and simple Hopkins old appliance pickup jobs are usually quick and easy.

  • Transparent pricing. We provide upfront details about our pricing and there are never any last-minute fees or surprise charges. We price jobs by volume, which means the amount of space your stuff takes up in our truck dictates the cost. It's that simple.

  • Two-hour pickup windows. Our teams provide you with a two-hour window for when they'll arrive; we never leave you sitting all day waiting for our trucks. The teams also call you 15 to 30 minutes before they arrive, keeping you well-informed throughout the entire process.

  • Uniformed employees and marked trucks. Our staff looks professional when they arrive, and there's no doubt which company they came from. On top of their clean uniforms, team members wear a smile and they are always ready to help you get rid of junk or old appliances.

  • We pick up almost anything. If two of our team members can lift it, it's gone. That includes refrigerators and large sofas.

  • We leave no mess behind. Team members take a few minutes at the end of each job to clean up behind themselves, leaving your space ready for new appliance installation or whatever else you have planned.

Old Appliance Recycling for Green Peace of Mind

The benefits don't end when our team hauls off your appliance. We engage in old appliance recycling whenever possible to ensure eco-friendly operations. That means we'll delivery old appliances to the proper recycling facilities or to donation dropoffs where they can be put to good use again.

Set Up an Appointment Now to Start Fresh in Your Space

Call us today to set up a no-obligation appointment to learn more about how we can clear your home or yard of unwanted items.


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