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Hold a holiday clean up and reduce your environmental footprint

Family sharing Christmas presents

The average American spends over $900 on gifts during the holidays. Between packaging and wrapping, and discarding updated items, household waste increases by 25% during this time of year. We all want to shower our loved ones with gifts, but there are some ways you can give while still being environmentally conscious.

Consider regifting

Have you ever received a gift only to turn around and give it to someone else? You’re not alone: 83 percent of Americans find re-gifting a totally acceptable practice. While it used to be seen as tacky or downright rude, it’s now a movement towards a more sustainable and money-conscious lifestyle. When you re-gift, you’re giving the item a second life and cutting the environmental impact of that product in half. Less production, less packaging, less delivery, and less disposal, which is good for everyone!

Host a gift swap

Still don’t feel comfortable regifting? Throw a regifting party after Christmas and invite your friends to bring their most unwanted items to swap. Re-gifting as a group will make you feel less awkward about the re-gifting process. Just be sure to set some ground rules so everyone is on the same page! 

Give an experience

Instead of giving material items people might never use, give experience gifts, such as tickets to a concert or bungee jumping! If you also buy a ticket for yourself, it can be a great way to spend quality time with that friend or family member. For inspiration, check out platforms like Eventbrite that show you upcoming events in your area!

Get creative with wrapping

540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper gets thrown out by Canadians every year, never mind the rest of the world! While it should be recyclable, oftentimes it isn’t due to glitter, foil, or lingering ribbon and tape. Instead of wrapping paper, opt for more creative and eco-friendly options like wrapping with fabric, old maps, newspaper or childrens artwork. For further wrapping paper inspirations, check out Expert Home Tips’ 18 wrapping paper alternatives.

Have you followed these tips and find that your home is still cluttered from the holidays? Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to take away any packaging or decorations that are no longer needed, and they will donate the donatables and recycle the recyclables. 


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