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Focus on these 6 priority areas when spring cleaning

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Tradition has it that when spring has sprung, we clean out the junk that is bringing us down, but there's no reason you can’t spring clean year round. Shake out that throw rug, clean out your closets, and scrub those floors, to make your home sparkle! While achieving a clean and refreshed home can be daunting, prioritizing certain areas can make spring cleaning a much easier task. 

Freshen up your home by cleaning these 6 areas

1. Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most frequently used room in your home, therefore it needs the most attention. The kitchen hosts dinners, parties and lots of commotion, which means there are bound to be some left-overs stuck in the cracks. By scrubbing your oven, fridge and sink, you are going to feel inspired to host a whole new batch of parties!

2. Bedding

Each night after a stressful day, your bed is there to comfort you. It is important that you not only clean bed sheets but your pillows too (once a season). If you’re lucky and the sun is shining, hang your clean sheets and pillows out to dry, to soak up the fresh air.

3. Carpets and Rugs

The floor that we walk on takes some serious abuse. Whether it is your kids’ muddy shoes, the family dog’s paws or just feet in general, our carpets and rugs have seen some dirt. For this task, consider renting a carpet cleaner to get the deepest clean possible. You can rent carpet cleaning machines from your local hardware store and even some grocery stores. Another option is to hire someone to tackle the task for you, which will cut back on your duties.

4. Windows

How will you enjoy the summer sunshine or serene winter snowfall if your windows are full of dirt and grime? Spray down your screens and squeegee the dirt away to make those windows shine! If you have some windows you can’t reach or want to take the task the hassle out of window cleaning, reach out to a house detailing company like Shack Shine!

5. Garage

The garage is a junk magnet. It is so easy to chuck whatever doesn’t quite fit in the house, in the garage. Unfortunately, we do this all too often and before you know it, our cars no longer fit. There are some great garage organizers you can purchase but make sure you’re taking into account what you actually need. If you haven’t used it in over a year, you may need our service: we love getting those cars back in their ports by hauling away the junk!

6. Digital

Junk isn’t limited to our physical space anymore so don’t skip out on digital spring cleaning. Organize the files on your computer and sync all your devices to each other properly. Delete angry birds version 1.0 along with any other apps you no longer use on your smartphone. 

By prioritizing your cleaning your tasks and hiring external help when you can, you’ll be done cleaning in no time! What are you waiting for? Happy spring cleaning no matter the season!


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