London Appliance Removal And Disposal Services

Thinking of upgrading your appliances? Want to get rid of that beer fridge in the basement, or your old, power-hungry water heater? Wondering how you'll ever move your massive chest freezer, air conditioner unit, or dishwasher out of your house?

Here at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we make the tough task of dealing with your old appliances easy. We offer full-service London old appliance removal and recycling that takes the stress out of disposing of unwanted items like microwave ovens, dryers, water softeners, and more.

Making Your Old Appliances Disappear

Since 1989 we've been providing fast, effective solutions to big junk removal problems, including what to do with unwanted appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and stoves.

When you need an outdated or broken-down appliance hauled away, we're here to help. We make old appliance disposal simple by taking care of all the lifting and loading for you, and transporting your appliance to an approved recycling facility.

Washing Machine Removal

Washing machines are one of the heaviest items in your home, making it tough to move them when they break down. In fact, the average washer weights between 200 and 300 pounds, and because many homes in London are built with the laundry room in the basement, removing an old washing machine often means hauling it up a flight of stairs.

At 1-800-GOT-JUNK? our crew of strong junk removal experts have what it takes to deal with even heavy appliances like clothes washers. We use specialised equipment to safely remove washing machines from anywhere on your property, including your garage, mudroom, or basement.

Professional, Uniformed Junk Removal Experts

Our crew of strong, friendly junk removal experts take pride in providing you with professional, efficient old appliance disposal service in London.

All of our team members are fully trained in all aspects of junk removal, including how to handle heavy, awkward items like appliances in a way that protects your property. We are fully licensed by the City of London, and we carry comprehensive insurance on both our employees and our equipment.

London Appliance Recycling Made Easy

Old appliances contain a wide variety of materials that can be recycled, including aluminium, copper, steel, and plastics - that's why appliances are no longer accepted at our local landfills here in London.

If you have a good, working appliance that you want us to take away, we'll do our best to donate it to one of our local charitable partners for reuse.

Keeping Our Groundwater Safe

Here in Middlesex County, we rely on clean, safe groundwater - that's why it's important to protect our water sources against the toxic chemicals contained in many old appliances that can leach into our local waterways and wells.

When you hire 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to remove your old appliances in London, you can feel good about the fact that we'll take your junk to an approved appliance recycling facility where all the toxic chemicals like ozone will be safely extracted.

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