Weird Junk 2018: The Wacky World of Junk Removal

In the junk hauling business, we see people getting rid of some pretty interesting things. The real fun is when junk crosses the line from ‘interesting’ to ‘just plain weird’. This year was full of funky junk we just had to share. Here's the weirdest of the weird, collected from our junk removal franchises across the US, Canada, and Australia!

10) Bod Pod

We’re not sure what this thing actually does, but it seems like a great spot to go when you ‘just need a minute’.

9) Leggy Lamp

We really got a kick out of this wacky lamp.

8) Hamburgler Mask

Don’t leave your lunch unattended around this guy.

7) Albert Einstein Statue

Fun fact: Albert Einstein is an anagram of ‘ten elite brains’. That can’t be a coincidence!

6) Office Monkey

This guy got fired for monkeying around too much at work.

5) Giant Tomato 

With a tomato this big, we could make a margarita pizza big enough to feed our truck team members in the US, Canada, and Australia!

4) Giant Rubber Band

Looks like someone must have gotten REALLY bored at work.

3) Hovercraft

If it doesn’t really hover anymore, is it just a craft?

2) Expired Cigarettes

Let us know if you need a hand quitting smoking. We’ll be happy to help get rid of your stash!

1) Military Tank

When we say there’s no job too big, we mean it! We’ll even take your junk if it’s bigger than our truck.


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