Regina Old Tire Removal & Disposal

At 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK? we've provided residents of Regina with comprehensive tire removal and cleanup services for years. As the world's largest junk removal company, we know what it takes to get rid of all of your unwanted junk in no time. When you call us to remove old tires or other debris, we'll arrive on time with smiling technicians. For old tire disposal, call 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK? first.

We Remove All of Your Unwanted Tires Fast

Do you have a pile of old tires in your backyard? Perhaps you have tires from a recent replacement of your vehicle. No matter what it is, we haul it away for you. Our team takes tires in all conditions – good or bad, and we dispose of them properly. Don't let tires sit in your backyard or take up space in the garage. Perhaps you have a few in the basement or even in the attic. Don't worry, we'll get rid of them for you. Just point and junk disappears.

That's one of the benefits of calling 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK? for your old tire disposal in Regina. You don't have to dig out your tires or get them easily accessible to us. We'll do that for you. Just give us a call and point to where they are. Our technicians will climb into the basement or attic, pull them out from the garage, and even lug them from the backyard. You don't have to get your hands dirty. Even better, we'll clean up any mess left behind, too. We're you junk removal specialists for a reason!

Let Our Experience Speak for Itself

For Regina old tire removal, 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK? is the best team to call. We've provided comprehensive junk removal services reliably since 1989 and we continue to do so. We've helped many of your neighbours in Regina to get rid of unwanted junk including old tires. Clear out that space and make room for new stuff. Goodbye Junk. Hello, Relief.

We Recycle Whenever Possible!

Did you know that 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK? recycles as much of the junk we haul away as possible? We recycled before it was cool. When you call us, our team will arrive at your home to remove the tires or other unwanted items in no time. Once we get the items loaded, we'll do our best to repurpose anything possible. We recycle everything possible as well. And, when we need to dispose of old tires, we do so in an environmentally friendly manner. You don't have to worry about where your tires are headed. We'll take care of it for you.

We Help Commercial Property Owners, Too with Old Tire Disposal

Whether you've just moved into a building and found a stack of tires or you've had a few lying around from your equipment or vehicles, 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK? is happy to help. Let our team get rid of any tires you have around your business so you can focus on your clients. We haul away most types of light commercial equipment and debris as well. Same day service is often available.

Our Team at 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK? Is Ready to Help You!

Our uniformed, smiling technicians are happy to arrive at your location in organized, shiny trucks ready to haul away anything that's taking up space in your home or business. Our old tire disposal service in Regina is the simplest way for you to get rid of those tires for good. Imagine the space you'll have. Give our team a call today to schedule your pickup. Don't worry about moving your items. Our professionals are happy to handle that for you.

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At 1­-800­-GOT-­JUNK?, we do our absolute best to divert anything we can from landfills. And we do our job with a smile and confidence that we're doing the best possible job for you.


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