7 steps to take before junk removal

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No one likes living with junk, but before you call a junk removal company, you may want to do some legwork first. Junk comes in many shapes and sizes, from a stack of old magazines in your garage to the garage itself. Whatever it is, there’s a way to remove it. Of course, it all depends on what you’re trying to dispose of: household waste removal, yard waste removal, trash removal, or renovation waste. 

How to prepare for your next junk removal service 

The list below tries to address a bit of everything so hopefully you can begin your junk removal task with a bit more preparation.

1. Make a detailed list of your articles to get rid of

Why? Because you may be surprised at what you actually own. Some items can be recycled, taken away by the city, or given a new life with someone else. A detailed list will also help your junk removal specialist determine a more exact quote for their services when they show up on site.

2. Consider resale value

Not everything is junk. If you have renovation waste, antique wood doors, hinges, handles, knobs, or brass fixtures, they all have a re-sale value to collectors and modelers. If you’re willing to brave the classifieds, eBay, or if you think you should get something appraised, there are many options for getting a few bucks out of your ‘junk’.

3. Create three piles

Sort by: what to keep, what to toss, and what to give away. Be nice about it. Don’t give away items that don’t work or are destined for the junk pile as well.

4. Declutter the closet

Give away unused clothing and household items. If you haven’t worn it or plugged it in for a year, odds are you won’t ever use it. If you’re going to pay for junk removal, you may as well take advantage of it by ridding yourself of basement buildup and attic annoyances as well.

5. Ask if you’re even responsible for this junk

If you have garden waste, is it your problem to get rid of it? After a major storm or flood, certain aspects of the cleanup, such as fallen trees or branches, may have their removal costs absorbed by your homeowner's policy.

6. Don’t panic

Once you’ve made a plan to dispose of waste, you’ve taken the first step in dealing with it. Junk removal can be a taxing and emotional issue, but there are professionals there to help you. Take advantage of their services.

7. Call for a quote

Once you’ve made your list of essential items destined for junk removal, call your favorite local provider (we hope it’s 1-800-GOT-JUNK?) to take care of your unwanted items. Now that you’ve put your junk removal plan into motion, make some tea and relax. Armed with research and information, you can rest assured that your home will soon feel much, much bigger!

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