Colorado Springs Yard Waste Removal & Disposal

If you've ever tried to throw out organic materials like tree branches, dead shrubs, soil, and rocks, you know that getting rid of yard waste can be a real hassle. After all, you can't load all that yard waste into your regular household garbage, and you certainly don't want to fill the trunk of your car or SUV with loads of rotting leaves, wet grass, and other debris from your lawn.

Here at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we offer a solution to your biggest yard waste challenges. Our team of experienced, friendly Colorado Springs yard waste removal experts will come right to your home, bundle up all of your organic waste, and haul everything away, leaving you with a nice, spotless outdoor space to enjoy.

Your Local Colorado Springs Yard Waste Removal Experts

As the world's leading junk removal company, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? knows what it takes to deliver exceptional customer service and industry-leading performance.

We're passionate about making your Colorado Springs yard waste disposal project simple and stress free by communicating clearly, arriving on time, and dealing with all the dirt and debris for you. From the moment you first call us to when we tidy up your yard for you, we're confident that you'll love us and our services.

Environmentally-Responsible Yard Waste Disposal

Here at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we understand that the organic materials that make up your yard waste don't belong in the landfill - that's why we ensure that all the yard waste we pick up in Colorado Springs is taken to an approved composting facility instead of the local dump.

When you hire us to haul away your dead shrubs, trimmings from your garden, piles of fallen leaves, and other yard waste, you can rest assured that all the materials we take out of your yard will be processed into clean, reusable compost.

Vacant Lot Clean-Ups

We help property owners and investors who need a hand with big yard waste projects, including clearing all the junk and organic materials off of vacant lots.

Our crew of junk removal experts are always up for a challenge, and we're happy to help tackle overgrown lots, neglected yards, and other large jobs. If you need help with a really big yard waste removal project in Colorado Springs, you can count on us.

On-Demand Yard Waste Removal

If you've ever spent your entire afternoon raking up fallen leaves into nice tidy piles only to have all your work destroyed by a big wind storm the next day, you'll appreciate the fact that we offer fast, on-demand yard waste removal. When you hire us to haul away your yard waste and other organic materials, we'll be there as soon as possible - in many cases, we can even be there within a few hours.

Free, No-Obligation Quotes

Here at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we price our services based on the amount of room your yard waste takes up in our truck.

In order to give you an accurate quote, we need to see all the yard waste you want us to haul away. Simply point out all of your leaves, soil, dirt, and sticks that you want us to take for you - we'll give you a clear, all-in price. Once you give us the go-ahead, we'll load everything up, tidy up your lawn, and leave you to enjoy the rest of your day.

Goodbye Junk. Hello Relief.

Call us today at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? or go online to schedule your next Colorado Springs yard waste removal appointment. We're in your neighborhood.


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