Frequently Asked Questions: Dumpsters

There are a myriad of reasons why full-service junk removal, provided by 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, is superior to your typical dumpster rental. Below are the most common questions that our customers frequently ask when weighing the pros & cons of dumpster rentals. (Hint: They're mostly cons)

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Dumpster Rental FAQs

Does a dumpster rental require a permit?

In many areas, you can’t simply place a dumpster on the street outside of your home. You’ll likely require a permit, which will cost money, and take time to obtain. It also gets more complicated if you live in an apartment building or a housing complex where you don’t have direct access to the street—a dumpster might not fit in the space you have, or your building rules might not permit a dumpster out front or in the parking lot.

Do I need to load it myself?

Once you have the dumpster ready to go, there’s the issue of loading it up. Of course, you’ll have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. That’s a tough job for anyone, especially if you have larger items to lift. There’s also the issue of having restrictions on what you can actually place in the dumpster, which might mean you end up not getting rid of everything. Also, as mentioned above, dumpster rentals don't come with friendly, uniformed TOMs to help!

Are dumpster rentals expensive?

When the dumpster is loaded up and it’s ready to be taken away, there’s another problem you’ll likely encounter. Often, you’ll not only end up paying for the dumpster rental itself, but you’ll also be charged for disposal, based on the weight of the junk you put into it. Since it’s hard to estimate how much your stuff will weigh before you put it in, this cost can end up being a bit more expensive than you anticipate. They also frequently charge based on the duration of the rental, which can add up quickly depending on the size of your job!

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Dumpster rental prices can vary, due to a variety of factors. It depends on where you are located, how long you need the rental for, how much junk you have, and what type of junk you have. Some items such as tires, mattresses, and certain electronics are banned from being dumped in the landfill, which means you may not be able to put them in your dumpster.

To save you the hassle of considering all these factors, why not call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? instead? We offer full-service junk removal, which means you won’t have to do any of the work! We’ll remove the junk right from where it’s located, load it into our truck, and we’ll even sweep up the area when we’re done! To get started, book your free estimate online or give us a call today!

Why are dumpster rentals problematic?

First, the cost is usually high. Second, the space that the dumpster takes up can be an inconvenience as it often obstructs your driveway or street. You may also run into problems with your strata or neighbors as it draws attention to your yard. Dumpster rental also requires you to do all the heavy lifting on your own, which is not ideal.

If you would rather save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of effort, give 1-800-GOT-JUNK? a call instead. Our clean, professional truck teams will pull up to your house and get that junk out of your way in no time. It’s like magic!

Why should I consider renting a mini dumpster rental instead of a large one?

A big dumpster takes up a lot of room, and it’s hard to transport around. It’s also quite hard to fill, requiring tools such as a ladder. It could also end up being unnecessarily expensive, and you still end up doing the labor yourself. Instead of going with a dumpster, leave it to the professionals instead. Our friendly crew at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is here to make this process easy and take your junk away in no time! All you have to do is point.

What is the average rate to rent a dumpster?

The average dumpster rental cost in the United States is $396. The cost depends on the company you deal with as some charge a flat-rate, versus some who charge by the space you need or plan to fill. Consider doing research before committing to a rental. If all of this work sounds too much for you, we are just a phone call away to provide a free estimate for full-service junk removal at your door.