Okanagan Commercial Junk Removal

Clearing away the clutter from a home can be a tedious task. Now imagine clearing out all of the junk that collects around an office, retail store, or multiple rental properties. Commercial entities face a greater task in getting rid of junk. The presence of junk in these places isn't just a nuisance to workers, but it's unprofessional as well. However, between running a business and conducting daily operations, there isn't much time to address the issue.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? has businesses covered though. From larger to small, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is your Okanagan commercial junk removal provider. We're a local Okanagan junk removal company that provides friendly, trustworthy service to residential and commercial customers alike. Our trusted junk removal service has been available since 1989, and today we're the world's largest junk removal service. Give us a call today to see how we can help your business get rid of the junk!

How it Works

Our Okanagan commercial junk removal service is simple and affordable to use. It all starts with a call to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? or a visit to our website. You can schedule an onsite estimate for your commercial junk removal over the phone or on the web. You'll get a 2-hour window for our arrival, and a 30-minute heads-up call when we're on the way. From there, things get even easier:

  • When we show up, just point and junk disappears! Show us the items you need removed, and we'll give you a detailed, accurate quote for the work. There's no obligation to use our service just because you got the quote.

  • If you like the price, we get to work right away. Our teams do all the heavy lifting for you. We'll collect everything and haul it to our trucks.

  • All junk its recycled, donated, or disposed of as necessary to ensure you're free of junk, while also protecting the environment from any hazards contained in electronics, appliances, or other items.

  • We sweep up the area before we leave to ensure we aren't leaving behind a bigger mess than the one we just hauled away.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is great for Okanagan commercial junk removal because we come to you. We're in your neighborhood and happy to help, but what types of businesses can rely on us?

Retail Junk Removal

From time to time, retail stores close down to remodel, move to new locations, or shut down entirely. Whatever the reason for the closure, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can help retail companies clear away the junk. We haul some of the following:

  • Outdated merchandise

  • Unsold novelties

  • Cardboard boxes and packaging

  • Shelves, racks, and display cases

Office Junk Removal

Professional office spaces have a variety of items that are useful today, and can be considered junk tomorrow. Everything from desks and chairs to printers, computers, fax machines, and copiers could be here today, gone tomorrow. We'll help clear out the junk from your office suites so your workers can get back to business and your company can maintain a professional appearance without cluttered rooms and spaces.

Property Management Junk Removal

The Okanagan commercial junk removal from 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is ideal for property managers. Whether you're in charge of an apartment complex, a few condo units, or several single-family homes, there's nothing more frustrating than having a tenant vacate suddenly and leave behind a mess. Give 1-800-GOT-JUNK? a call and we'll help haul away:

  • Unused/unwanted furniture

  • Abandoned/unused appliances and electronics

  • Clothing

  • Boxes

  • Home decor

Anything a tenant leaves behind in one of your properties, we can help quickly and efficiently clear away so you can clean the unit and showcase it for new prospective renters. Want to update your units? We can even help there too by hauling away remodeling and construction debris, such as:

  • Drywall

  • Roofing

  • Insulation

  • Concrete

  • Masonry

  • Asphalt

Clear the Clutter Today

With 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, you can finally say goodbye junk, hello relief. Give us a call or go online to schedule your estimate today.

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