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1-800-GOT-JUNK? got its start in Vancouver, when university student Brian Scudamore encountered a tight summer job market in Vancouver and started a junk removal service called The Rubbish Boys.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is your “one-stop shop” for junk removal and junk hauling. Our full-service junk removal business services residents and businesses in Tucson and surrounding areas.

We’re your answer to getting your space back! Your junk problem is solved with one call or click bringing that “AHAA” moment. After you call us, you know you can park your car in your carport or garage again. We get your junk from wherever it is, so there's no more need for back breaking pain and suffering on your part to collect all of your unwanted items.  Our professional truck teams remove junk from sheds, backyards, attics, crawl spaces, or  any of those out of the way places we haven’t thought of yet.

No job is too big or too small. We even do annual office or business warehouse cleanouts.

Trust our professional junk team’s promise to offer a unique customer service experience that begins with an easy to use online booking engine, or book your junk removal through one of our friendly call centre agents. Same-day service is the mainstay of our business. In most cases, we can offer same-day service, or service within 24 hours after you've booked your junk removal appointment. 

Once your square footage has been rightfully reclaimed, our friendly uniformed truck team members will sweep up or rake the area for that added sparkle.

We take all kinds of unwanted junk from old furniture, hot tubs, broken appliances, e-waste to construction and renovation debris. Anything that two people can carry that is not environmentally hazardous is disposed of in an efficient and responsible manner. 

Leave the donating and recycling to us. After we leave you with your clean space, the landfill diversion phase of our operation kicks in so that your junk is disposed of in as environmentally friendly way as possible. 

Why use 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for junk removal in Tucson?

People need our service for a variety of reasons.  Customers frequently use our service because they have items that they no longer want or need. People that are planning to move use us to dispose of the things they do not want to bring to their new location, and we do a lot of work for people who are downsizing.

Lastly, a large portion of our work consists of property cleanouts due to foreclosures and estate closures. 

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Hi, my name is Joshua Mall, and I’m the General Manager of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Tucson. I was born and raised in Tucson.  I received my high school diploma in 2008 from Canyon Del Oro High School and graduated (May ’14) with a degree in management and marketing from Northern Arizona University which meant I was ready to help out with the family business.

My parents (John and Peggy Mall) brought the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Tucson franchise in 2005, while also working other full-time jobs. We have worked extremely hard to manage our franchise while maintaining our busy lives, and are hoping that my college education can provide further efficiency to the franchise’s operations. 

1-800-GOT- JUNK? is a great service that provides customers with overwhelming relief. We take great pride in knowing that we can help people. We also like the idea of helping the environment by being green. We feel that this service helps dispose of certain items responsibly. Everyone eventually has something that they no longer want or need. Potential customers do not always have the time to take care of it themselves due to their busy lives, so we are proud to be of assistance.

The pride we take in our work is reflected by the positive customer reviews we’ve received! We can’t wait to haul your junk away.

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John Mall , Peggy Mall


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