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Here are the answers to some of our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.

What is 1800-GOT-JUNK?

We are a full-service junk removal company. We haul away items that you no longer need, like renovation materials, construction debris, old sofas, mattresses etc.

What can you take away?

We are able to take away anything non-hazardous that two people can lift.

What we do take:

Wood - Fencing, firewood, old timber
Construction materials - Debris, tiling
Garden refuse - Branches, tree and bush clippings
Furniture - Couches/sofas, sofa beds, mattresses
Appliances - Fridges, freezers, washers & dryers
Garage, shed & attic junk - Boxes, books, old tools, tyres
Concrete - From broken pathways or flooring
Soil & dirt from a new garden
Roofing items - Tiles and corrugated iron
Renovation refuse - Walls, windows, floorboards, gyprock, plasterboard & frames, etc.

What we do not take:

Chemicals, solvents, oils
Oil drums (unless empty and top & bottom cut out)
Oil tanks

Are you licensed to do this work?

Owners, trucks and employees are fully licensed and insured. Every franchise is registered and retains the necessary permits.

Why can't you give me an exact price before you arrive?

Pricing is based on volume and nature of the material. We can't give you an exact price until we are able to see your junk. We book an appointment with you and review the pricing. Then the truck team verifies pricing on arrival.

When should I book an appointment?

Contact us as soon possible as time slots fill up quickly. Once you call, we'll let you know the availability in your area. We need to know the postcode of the pick up address.

Why are appointments booked in two-hour timeslots?

Truck Teams call 15 to 30 minutes before arrival and give firm arrival times. This allows them to deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic or jobs that were larger than expected.

Can you do the job for me if I am not on site?

Customers should be on site when trucks arrive. We call 15 to 30 minutes before arrival to let you know we are on the way. If you are unable to be on site, the drivers review pricing on arrival and call you for confirmation. They accept credit cards over the phone.

I really need this job done but it can only be after hours. Can you do that?

Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your options. It is unsafe for our drivers to do jobs when it is dark. Special arrangements can be made if required.

What do you do with the junk?

It depends on what you have. We will take some items to the transfer station and the rest to the dump. We are not a salvaging company or charity.

Why can't you take hazardous materials?

Drivers and trucks are not licenced to carry hazardous materials. Call your local recycling or waste management hotline for further assistance.

Can you move my stuff from one location to another?

We are not licenced to carry items for the purpose of moving them. The truck is a "junk" truck and is also dirty inside. We can only take away any items you no longer need.

Why do you charge?

Truck Teams do all the loading, clean up and take items to the local dump. We are charged at the dump just as you would be.

What equipment does your truck team come with?

Two strong and efficient people, shovels, rakes, sometimes a trolley or wheelbarrow. We do not operate machinery or carry ladders.

Why would I use your service rather than a skip bin?

Two people come and do all the labour and clean up. We charge based on volume items take up in our truck, which is about 11.5 cubic meters. Skip bins sit on your property and you do all the loading and clean up yourself. You also pay for the entire bin, no matter how much you fill.

How big is your truck?

The steel box on the back of our truck is 3 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 1.5 metres high.

Actual Customer Reviews(Typos and all:)

"The two young men introduced themselves, were very polite and had the utmost respect for my home. They were professional and as I was told would receive a phone call just before coming which did happen. Once finished they cleaned up after themselves and asked me if I was happen. No problems there. I would use you again no problem and have already recommended you to my work colleagues."

Another 1-800-GOT-JUNK? happy customer.

Rating: 10/10